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Found 21 results

  1. I have a 2012 Audi A6/C7 3.0 V6 TFSI with adjustable air suspension which has just been a nightmare. After changing all 4 air bags and the relay, it took just a few months before it dropped again on all four corners. I just want this nightmare to end. I've decided to convert to coils and settled on the ST kit for my car. The problem is ST doesn't want to sell it to me! My local dealer said the kit is not applicable to units with adjustable dampening/level control. But thats the whole point! I just want to convert to normal springs and never have to worry again. If its just warning lights on the dash coming up after the conversion I can live with that. If theres a way to cancel those errors, I'd really appreciate the instructions. I'm really looking for is someone who has a 2012-2014 A6 or A7 (C7), S6 or Allroad with the air suspension who has converted to coils. Pls., pls. let me know: 1) If the ST coils will work out. Will they fit without issues or do I need to buy any additional parts? - 2) If you didn't use the ST's? What coilovers did you use? 3) Are the level controls/EDC going to be an issue after the conversion? Or is it just warning lights? 4) How to cancel/code-out the lights? Praying someone will help end this nightmare. Thank you.
  2. Hi, complete newbie to the site and just hoping for some help with a strange issue. Firstly, after hours of searching I can’t seem to find anyone who has the same problem as I’m getting, so seems rare. My cars has just had a MeyleHD full suspension kit fitted, plus new coil overs. about 3 months after this my car failed mot on the front upper control arms, mainly the rear ones. They literally moved up and down a CM in the socket of the upright. So these were replaced for another pair of control arms, same thing happened 3 months later, passed mot when fitted but failed again inside 3 months. Loose in the ball joint socket. Note that the ball joints themselves have not failed, the arm itself is moving where the pinch bolt should have grabbed it. Has anyone had anything like this? Or any ideas on how to overcome without buying new uprights?... Any help would be greatly appreciated as everywhere I look I hit a dead end :/
  3. Interested to hear if problems with the rear springs on Q7's are common? I have a 2016 3ltr S Line with a FF retractable towbar & have been doing regular monthly 6hr journeys towing one horse with the horse standing in the offside section of the box. Last week I took the car for an oil change & was shocked to be told that the offside rear coil spring had snapped. I asked to keep the spring. There is no rust evident but the cup looks extremely worn / damaged. Is this a common occurrence when towing & should the suspension have been upgraded when the towbar was fitted during the build?
  4. Hi, Looking for some advice over a suspension problem on my 2015 A6 Avant. Back in March my front offside suspension spring broke. The car is under warranty but Audi were closed due to Corona, so I eventually paid £175 to get it repaired at a local garage in early June. Everything seemed fine at first, however I've recently noticed that the car is again sagging on one side. Measuring from the wheel arch to the ground, it's about 3 centimetres lower on the offside. I've spoken to the garage who did the original repair and they've said it must be because they used a third-party spring, and I'll need to have the other side done as well so they match. To me, that is completely unacceptable. Surely when the new spring was fitted it should have been the same or at least compatible with the other side?? Should I look to get the new spring removed and replaced with one that matches the near side spring? I don't really want to car to be lower than it was - I want it as it should be! Any advice would be great!
  5. This is a strange one to me so maybe someone here has or had same problem and can maybe enlighten me . A4 Quattro 2.0t b7 , usually after a bit of a drive ..I’d park up nip into a shop say then reverse or drive car forward and get a weird grinding or rumble from on of or both wheels , I’m saying wheels as seems obvious choice , goes away once speed is up and when traveling at normal speeds feel or hear no noise . Car has just 109k and not been bad used with FSH , any help folks would be appreciated.
  6. Hi All, Having owned my VW Golf GTI for 8 years I have made a change to an Audi A6 C6 Allroad owing to the arrival of our little boy. I bought the car privately a couple of weeks ago and inevitably I'm going through the 'bedding in' period of fixing all of it's issues. Although it's had just 1 previous owner the car has covered some ground in it's lifetime with 144k miles on the clock. Main faults to date are as follows: - creaking rear suspension - smokey on cold start - knock from the front (sounds like drop link) - faulty fuel gauge - sinking rear air suspension I've done my research on the forums and out of all the faults listed I'm most concerned re the sinking rear air suspension and as most garages won't come near it I plan on sorting it myself in the comings weeks. I've gathered lots of useful information but wanted to double check my approach as from everything I've read and watched I still have some queries. 1. As it seems to hold air when in Allroad/lift mode but not when in automatic/dynamic I'm assuming the rear air springs have a slight leak which is exacerbated when the car is lower? 2. Money is tight so replacement parts need to represent the best value for money. Genuine parts are out of the question and so I've narrowed it down to: - Aerosus (268 pounds for a pair) - Miessler (250 pounds for a pair approx.) - Car Air Springs (188 pounds for a pair) Does.anyone have any experience/ recommendations re the above options? 3. Is it possible to change both rear air bags with a couple of trolley Jack's and axle stands? 4. Specifically I plan to leave the front wheels on the ground and jack up the rears (with battery disconnected) and put on axle stands. I will then swap out the rear bags which looks fairly easy before putting the wheels back on. I then plan to 'semi-support' the vehicle with 2 trolley Jacks lowering it to the height it was at before I swapped out the bags (I'll measure from the ground to the top of each wheel arch before I start). I'm assuming I can then reconnect the battery and allow the car to reinflate the bags knowing that they won't be required to support the whole weight of the car from empty? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  7. Hi there. I'm currently looking to sell my mercedes e350 as I need something with 4 wheel drive that can tow. I don't really want an SUV type, so am thinking that the A6 Allroad would be a really good option. That said, I'm hearing lots of horror stories on air suspension failures and monstrous repair bills. However, they mostly seem to be on older models. I'm probably looking at a 2014 or 2015 model, so my question is..... Is this age of Allroad susceptible to the same airbag problems or did Audi manage to sort it out? Any advice really would be most appreciated Thanks
  8. Hi all, yesturday I fited coilovers to my audi did all as I should but rear won't go lower, the rear ajuster is screwed to max and still have like 5cm gap between wheel arch and wheel. Can any one tell me what to do ?? Here is the picture
  9. I find the ride quite hard on my a3 8p 2.0 tdi, anyone managed to find replacement dampers and spring that softens the ride?
  10. Good Evening Ladies & Gents, I’ve noticed my front nearside suspension is creaking. The creaking is becoming more frequent as time goes on and before I begin buying parts I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of where it could be coming from? Also, since this issue has occurred, when driving around 70mph the steering wheel begins to shake. Could this be linked to it as well? Please see the attached video! Thank you! 4B319C1E-01A0-4558-948E-6CBA7B620C3E.MOV
  11. Hi Everyone, My name is Simon, I have just joined the forum as a proud Audi owner, nice to meet you all. I own a 2014 Audi A4 B8.5 3.0TDI quattro Avant with sports suspensions (but not air suspensions), I love it, but something bothers me. I have recently noticed that the rear passenger side suspension is 1cm higher than the rear driver side by measuring the distance between the center of the wheel and the wheel arch on many flat surfaces with the same result. The car never had an accident. I brought it in at an Audi dealer, they found out that the left rear damper has been replaced under warranty in 2018 before I bought the car so they said that the problem could be because one damper was new and the other still "old". Replaced the right damper (the "old" one), the issued was not solved, still 1cm higher on the left. Replaced the springs with new ones, issue still there. Verdict: The car is fine, up to 1cm difference between suspensions is tolerated by Audi and considered normal. Has anyone noticed or experienced anything like this? I know it's not a massive issue but should I just accept it and leave with it? I have tried to search for the same issue but I haven't found anything like this, sorry in advance if this was already discussed. Simo
  12. Hi All, I'm New to the forum, and need some advise please? I have a A4 cabriolet B6 2004,(CVT) and recently I have noticed this single knock/pop noise coming from low down in the car and can be felt more in the foot-well towards the middle of the car. This is only happening when i turn right and travailing above 15 mph+ and is always a single knock. I have just had new CV joints fitted so this can be ruled out i think, but just wanted to get some advice and if anyone else has had a similar issue? Thanks
  13. Hello Everyone I bought my Audi A6 C7 2012 last month it started making noise from the front suspensions this month I took it back to the dealer they changed lower arm both front but that did stop the noise knowing that it only does it if there is a road bump where the tyres drops or on motorway bump that makes the car raise high that when it does it what do you guys think? is it ARms or bushes or shock absorber please Help
  14. Hey guys Thought i'd join up for a b it of info: I've currently got the sport model saloon, getting a bit bored of the styling and wanted to spice it up a little. first port of call is sticking the S line exterior on it. Anyone have any experience with this? lots of front and rear bumpers without the grille/ rear available so would it be an option to buy the s line bumpers and fit the sport grill and diffuser? every other car i've had this sort of stuff is possible. next port of call would be suspension and wheels, what experience do people have with coilovers? not planning on super low but still want coils over springs. and finally recommendations for wheels. budget for wheels and coils is around 1200. Not a lot but its not going to be a show car, i just can't stand the sport wheels anymore. Appreciate anyone's input on this
  15. Hello, Im New, but I hope someone will advise me. I need to change a full suspension (front nad rear) In my audi A4 B6 2002 Avant. I would ask for help to find rear suspension kit. for example. i found this for front: but i cant find a rear kit like this. maybe somebody know where i can but it. Thank you.
  16. Hi all, Hoping someone with a little more Audi experience could answer a question about Front suspension lower control arms. There is two lower control arms on my B6 avant 2003 1.9TDI 101hp model Audi, my question is are the curved control arms supposed to be the same length from side to side? I will tell you for why, I was driving to work on a wet cold morning and going around a corner the car slid on either black ice or oil and took a hit to the front left wheel on a curb. The front left wheel now does not sit centrally in the wheel well and to my eye looks to have more positive camber than the other side. I have looked under the car when i took in for tracking and cannot visably see anything bent, but the car pulls to the left. I have this evening measured the curved control arms and the left hand one appears to be about 1.5 inches approx shorter than the right hand one. Hoping the image attached helps clarify which arm i mean. Regards and thanks in advance Simon
  17. We are awaiting delivery of our new SLine A3 saloon. However, we have got a bit spooked by all the comments in the press about the "overly firm" ride with the sports suspension. What has been the experience of others with the SLine suspension?
  18. I have a 2004 v6 quattro sport, the Audi rear shocks are leaking, my local garage have quoted £225 for OEM parts, fitted. It has got me thinking about upgrading to coilovers though, the current rideheight is fine as is but going a little lower would not be a problem. I guess i'm looking for somthing that is an improvment on OEM, is proven quality but isnt going to cost the earth? Any advice, even just on brands to look out for/avoid would be useful. Is there any means of knowing if a particular set would fit my car?
  19. hi new to the forum i am currently breaking my audi a4 cab 3.0 tdi v6, much loved car til some so and so decided to drive into it and smash the side and front end so iv decided to sell the remainder of the car in bits. i am selling the complete suspension legs shocks suspension discs pads wishbones quattro differential front and back, basically the complete drive train apart from gearbox as a whole lot as ive no space in my garage any more (e46 m3 supercharged ) i also have the rear s line bumper twin exit exhaust boot lid s line side skirts speedo if interested please give me a call 07792291133 i am based in birmingham 10mins away from the city centre
  20. :) Firstly, Hi to all you Audi Pilots out there, I've just got hold of a 2001 Tdi Avant and noticed that once the car is running, the O/S/R of the car is going up and down like a yoyo and once you turn it off, that corner sinks right down, I'd like to get the car sorted as I'm driving down to Spain in August and cant wait, if any one has had this problem please give us the heads up !