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  1. Has anyone ever done this to a car that has neither as standard? im assuming that apart from the seats, new seat to climate control unit wiring looms and a new climate control unit are needed. But, would I also need to pick up a new high ampage supply for the heating and then get the climate unit coded to the car? I’m also assuming that the heating and ventilation control units are in the seats, so no extra bits? Im a retired engineer and I’ve done similar jobs before, so not daunted by anything apart from the coding bit. cheers all Dave
  2. I don’t seem able to get my 2015 Allroad to drop to the lowest setting (one bar when in ‘Allroad’ mode), it goes down to 2 bars, then only shows ‘raise’ on the function buttons. is this a fault? Or simply ‘operator error’? Any thoughts cheers folks Dave
  3. This might help locate relay & fuse:- Fuse/relay panel diagrams and key. https://fuseandrelay.com/audi/allroad.html
  4. Hi folks, I have a set of 4 x 17” twin spoke Alloys available, all good, straight, no welds etc otherwise I’d just scrap them, no major damage, (few scratches on all and one small scrape on one). I’d had them refurbished then swapped to 18” after about a year. Had them sitting around for ages now so free to anyone who wants them. also got an Allroad air suspension pump and refurb kit, again free to collector. Im in W-s-M near Bristol,
  5. Found this on another Audi site:- just got the car back from the dealer. After lots of investigation and 1.5hrs shop rate, it turns out there is a 40 amp fuse under the hood behind a relay box The fuse protects the compressor motor. It took a few calls with Audi dealer tech support for the mechanic to find the fuse. Apparently when the old compressor prssure switch failed, and the pump ran without kicking off due to over temp, the fuse blew???
  6. I had this model Allroad many years ago (10 or so). I think! That the relay sits in the fuse panel behind the drivers side dash, up behind the steering wheel, there’s also a 40A fuse that they recommend changing, the wiring diagram should show that. (Haynes?) But I’d try asking an VW or Audi dealer (you might have to go in, they’ve told me before that they won’t answer technical queries over the phone, something to do with legal liability if you then get hurt or damage the car!) Or, best option, find a non franchised specialist. I’ll check but don’t think I have the Haynes manual any more. good luck Dave
  7. As shown in the videos, the drain grommet was blocked by debris, so it’s not a bad design creating a ‘water trap’ but rather very poor or zero maintenance in that the drain grommets are never cleaned out so just block over time. most cars have similar problems if the drains are never cleaned out. sunroof drains are a classic for blocking. Peugeot 405/406 were plagued by that. Curtain rod to ‘push thru’ every couple of months kept them clear. the old A6 C5 version had a drain under the battery tray, so it was a monthly job to lift the battery and flush it out. The sunroof would flood the passenger footwell if the drains blocked. It’s something that’s never mentioned in either owners manuals or service schedules. As an engineer I consider it a procedural failure on the manufacturers part to not be stating the need to check all the drains are clear at the annual inspection/service they all insist on. But it would be nice to know where they all are!
  8. Hi folks, After advice on the Q7 E-Tron Diesel engine: I was chatting in the garage the other day about possible replacements for my current car (Mercedes estate) and mentioned I was looking at a Q7 E-Tron diesel/electric PHEV. They (the garage owner), said the engines were very unreliable, swirl vane issues amongst them. Have any Q7 E-Tron owners on here had any engine related problems? If so, what sort. cheers folks. Dave
  9. Try this website to figure out what wheels and tyres will fit. https://www.oponeo.co.uk/advice-and-tips/tyre-size-calculator
  10. Found a few bits buried in the garage - I have a new Audi rear wiper motor, bought for a 2004 A6 C5 but I know it fits multiple Audi’s, A3, A4 and A6 at least. Im after £20, as these are on sale for £35 up and up. I think £20 is very fair. Can check postage costs if needed, otherwise its available for collection from WsM (J21 - M5). cheers Dave
  11. I have a used air suspension pump from a 2004 4.2 allroad that I Sold a while back.(tried tidying the garage and came across a few bits!). It needs the refurb kit fitting which would come with it. I just never got around to fitting it. Open to offers for it. As it’s quite heavy, it woul prob cost a fair bit to post, otherwise its available for collection from WsM (J21 - M5). if needed I can check postage cost. cheers Dave
  12. It’s compulsory over there I think. Oct to March.
  13. Just a thought but if this is your long term car, would a later engine go in? 2.7 or even a 3.0. The 2.7 replaced the 2.5 so might be fairly straight forward.
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