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  1. Hi I have the same problem on my Q7 ,I had an in depth scan done showing live data and it has shown a fault with a contact on ignition barrel, I have tried to get anew barrel from audi but they are on aback order ,now been waiting 1 month still no sign ,Does anyone know if a secondhand barrel and getting keys re programmed will work Thanks
  2. Hawks

    Engin e dies

    Thanks for reply but wouldn't a throttle valve fault show a code or mot if it is just teeth missed
  3. Q7 had thus on going problem 18mnths engine starts no problem ,on acceleration engine dies goes into limp,no lights come on and no codes come up ,all back to normal after restarting ,it has been on diagnostics so many times it might aswell have o e permanently attached,it's had new turbo,new battery,new alternator, crank shift sensor ,egr valve ,fuel filter,air filter,it can happen at any time it won't clear by on and off throttle, or by changing gear in manual, it want go up or down in the gears ,it has had a starting issue which has now been put down to faulty ignition barrel which is due to be changed ,could this cause acceleration problems ? Any ideas
  4. Hawks

    Gear change

    Replaced brake switch yesterday ,when I drove car it would not change up to 5th and 6th it seem to rev higher before changing as well,if I use manual it will go into higher gears ,on the switch there is a mauve part that moves what does it do and what position should it be in when it is in the bracket
  5. I changed my brake switch yesterday and today the car won't change up to 5th and 6th and is holding into the other gears longer before changing if I use manual change it seems to be ok ,also what is the mauve coloured part of the brake switch that moves meant to do
  6. Hawks


    I have had fault code 01577 keep coming up for quite sometime could this be down to a faulty air suspension relay
  7. Hi can anybody help me with Q7 independent garage near to Oswestry thanks
  8. Hawks


    Q7 2010 3.0tdi when I start car it cuts out unless I have my foot on the gas ,also the glow plug light it flashing, it doesn't happen all the time but lately has become more often ,has anyone had the same problem
  9. Nothing coming from sensors at all,camera comes on and orange P light flashes and makes sound for about 30 secs ?
  10. Hawks

    Limp mode

    Q7 2010 3.0tdi ongoing problem ,when hard accelerating get to around 70mph and car dies and goes into limp no lights come on,stop restart and back to normal ,It has been into garage several times had codes read nothing shows and nothing is stored,had new turbo,turbo actuator ,battery and clues ,could wheel speed sensors be a cause
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