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  1. Forgot to put a result to this post. It was a faulty release valve on the passenger rear suspension strut. Bought 2 replacements from knufftech I believe for about £20 each. Replaced both rear drivers and passenger sides and car works fine again.
  2. Yes! There’s a post at the top of the q7 page labelled “Wipers”
  3. Not sure it should have one big multi pin connector on one side. It looks like it but I don’t think there’s an earth connection on the top
  4. The fault code you have relates to the transmission control module 🤔 which I think is under the passenger seat in the battery area. I’d check all connections and wires there first to make sure you’ve not caught something whilst sorting the battery. It looks like a black module and isn’t very big. Without it connected the car doesn’t know it’s in park and goes into a kind of limp mode where it keeps the abs light on all the time. Check on eBay for a picture of what your looking for.
  5. Bigdave1230


    I towed a Electrition mates broken down Renault megane estate full of tools a few weeks ago and couldn’t tell he was there. I’ve a friend who tows his caravan with his and says it blows the socks off his old discovery 3 which felt gutless in comparison although the discovery was better off road
  6. It’s in the car option on the green mmi screen but I’m fairly certain it needs to be a 3g mmi not a 2g mmi I’m afraid
  7. I’ve heard of a fault on Audi diesels which can happen when you try to jump start them on a dead battery. There’s a relay that fails the tell tale sign is the glow plug light doesn’t come on when you put the ignition on. My mate told me about it ages ago but can’t remember where he said it was 🤔 I think he said it was somewhere by the steering column but I’m not sure. See if your light is coming on or not and if needed I’ll message him to find where it is.
  8. Sounds like the auxiliary heater is on. They are renowned for going wrong normally locking up and stopping working not staying on though. 🤔 I think the fuse for it is in the passenger side end of the dashboard behind the end panel when you open the door. Try pulling it out and see if it stops. The heater is behind the wheel arch lining just in front of the passenger door
  9. If you have a button in the back to lower the car for loading then it has air suspension. There was a post on here a few months ago with somebody who couldn’t get the ride height options on the mmi screen when pressing the car button. I think it was a faulty module but I’m not sure. Have a look back through the posts.
  10. Do the electric seats still work? If they are heated does the light work on the dash board?
  11. You need vcds to unlock the sat nav to get the disc out as they were locked from the factory to prevent the discs getting nicked out of hire vehicles etc but it was probably so you had to go to the main dealer for the newer discs. What does the sat nav say on the screen when you press the nav button?
  12. Hi I managed to get an hour the other day to look into it a bit more and can confirm it appears the rear of the car is in off-road or lift mode and the front in comfort due to (I believe) a faulty level sensor. Using vcds the fault code 01400 suspension level control 001 upper limit exceeded intermittent freeze frame error code 66. Is in there. I tried going into adaptation to check what it thought the individual height levels were to pin it down to which corner was upsetting the system but it wouldn’t let me in saying something along the lines of error 22 test parameters not met 🤔 or something similar. Does anybody know another way to read what the car thinks the levels are using vcds? The current height of the car from the centre of the wheels to the wheel arch is front L = 445mm , front R = 445mm , Rear R = 500 mm , Rear L = 510. Cheers Dave.
  13. does anybody know where the suspension level sensors are located. The rear of my car is stuck in a higher position than the front which is putting the orange suspension light on after driving for 5 mins or so. Ive not had time to investigate fully as I’m really busy for the min but think it’s going to be a sensor as the compressor is working.
  14. The hose for the rear wash wipe connects to the rear wiper motor the squirts through it but the seal goes and ends up corroding the motor making it stop working. Tell tale sign is the water doesn’t squirt out or is very weak at firing onto the rear screen. Then the motor fails. Stupid idea in the first place really!