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  1. Damnable advertisement

    The past few days a pop-up advertisement for Driven has appeared on this forum whenever I open the site. My ad-blocker (Ublock Origin) is normally very effective at stopping these horrid intrusions but it has not worked this time. Has anybody found a solution yet?
  2. Rear light cluster

    Pete. That is not simply a plug to seal the hole. It is the mounting grommet that holds the lamp unit in place, so it needs to be the right part to grip the metal peg. I have no idea what Audi calls it but most mechanics would recognise the term grommet.
  3. In that case I am out of my depth. I do know that speakers have to be the right impedance for the radio (i.e. matched for the output strength,) but whether that is the problem or you lack some other adaptor for the extra cable I have no idea. Let's hope somebody else has can help.
  4. I am a little confused. Is it the new speakers that aren't working properly or the new radio?
  5. How reliable are 2.0 tdi 8p?

    Forgive me for being blunt Anthony but if I had just bought a car with a indicator fault, a washer fault, a glowplug fault, and a loss of coolant, I would be hammering at the seller's door demanding a refund.
  6. Indicators on when side light on!!!!

    In the old days before electronics and canbus and computers were fitted to cars, that sort of problem was usually caused by a bad earth at the lamp unit.
  7. Washer pump not working

    I don't know about changing the pump, but before doing so I would check that power is getting to the connection first, in case the switch or the relay is faulty.
  8. new to Audi a3

    Will do, but it's likely to be few months when the weather is warmer.
  9. Cabriolet rear demister failure

    Wiring diagrams are available on the internet: I wonder if your two problems are related i.e. the previous owner removed the head lining trying to get the demister wiring.
  10. Door lock not un-locking

    Reece. Search this forum for "door lock". There are plenty of replies to others with a similar problem.
  11. new to Audi a3

    I was keen to do something similar a year ago but the concensus was that it was not possible. Since then I have found that kits are available such as these Youtube videos show how to fit such kits and they appear to work, so I expect to install one if I can find a way to hide the cables and adapter.
  12. Handbrake warning and brake warning issue

    Congratulations Les. I have heard that A3s were prone to rear wash leaks, but did not realise there were consequences other than a wet boot.
  13. Is 'chain driven' better than cambelt?

    Sam. Camshaft chains are virtually everlasting compared to belts, a quarter of a million miles was not unusual back in the days when chains were common. The advantage of belts is quieter operation and better fuel efficiency; the disadvantage is the cost of replacement every 70000 miles.
  14. Please help me

    I can add little to Gareth's comments, except to say that a faulty wiring loom is the most unlikely cause of the problem imaginable. I would look at every other thing involved in the injection and ignition systems before changing the loom.
  15. I second the idea of breakers. They are an ignored resource nowadays that I have found useful and relatively cheap. You don't have wade across an oily field and crawl into a precarious stack of wrecks as many of us old geezers once did; like everything else they are now on the internet.