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  1. If you put the right amount of oil in and it has been confirmed by dipping then it's got to be level sensor problem I would have thought.
  2. cliffcoggin

    Help!! Issues with 53 plate A3

    Rebecca. Of course it can be fixed, but it will likely cost you twice what the car is worth. Do you like the car enough that you would spend that much money on it? In your position I would get rid of it, though it may be difficult to find anybody apart from a scrap man willing to take on such a wreck.
  3. cliffcoggin

    Headlamps for exporting from UK to Europe

    New lamps will be needed Mark. Years ago you could buy clip on beam deflectors for Continental use, there were even yellow ones for France, but I have not seen them for sale in ages. Possibly they are not even legal any more.
  4. cliffcoggin

    Fans keep running

    That's good to know for the future Stephen. Is the lid of your fuse box not sealing?
  5. cliffcoggin

    Minor Steering Problem: Steering Returnability

    I am not clear what your steering problem is. When you centralise the steering wheel do the road wheels point straight ahead (does the car drive straight,) or do they point to one side (does the car gently turn)? If the former, you may have damage to the suspension/steering so the car needs to be examined at a garage. Is there anything unusual about the handling of the car either in a straight line or when cornering? Are the tyres worn unevenly? Or it may simply be low fluid level. If the latter, it is likely the tracking or toe-in has been adjusted more on one side than the other. Its nothing to worry about though it looks odd and can be easily corrected. The vibration under braking could be distorted discs or it indicate more serious damage to the steering/suspension. I reckon you need to get the car examined and repaired to ensure it is safe and roadworthy. If you lucky it will only cost a small fortune. If you are unlucky...
  6. cliffcoggin

    Timing belt

    Two suggestions for you Mark: [1] If the belt was replaced by an official Audi garage then it will have been recorded on the Audi computer system. Ask Audi. [2] Try typing the German text from the sticker into Google Translate or similar to find out what it reads. I would guess the belt has been done, but it is important to check because belt replacement is critical to long term survival of the engine.
  7. Do you really believe an oil additive can fill the gaps between rings and cylinder walls? I certainly don't. If you look at Wynns website for this material its only specific claim is that it "Revitalizes rubber and neoprene seals of crankshaft, camshaft and valve stems." In other words it softens hard rubber to temporarily restore its ability to conform to metal surfaces. No other claim is specifically made, though much is implied by typical advertisers weasel words. Don't be misled into thinking there is a magic cure for wear. Don't waste your money on the stuff. If your rings are worn your engine needs an overhaul, which years ago would mean a re-bore and over-size pistons. Nowadays it probably means a new engine. However the diagnosis of worn rings may be pessimistic. I suggest you get a compression test done on the engine, which can help diagnose whether the bores or the valves are leaking. Getting valve leaks repaired is much cheaper than getting a re-bore.
  8. cliffcoggin

    A3 2.0 TDI Rough Idle When Hot (Video)

    I have no idea what the codes mean, but there is little doubt that an intermittent injector fault would give the rough idling symptoms you describe. Who are these experts you consulted? Did they not suggest any solution?
  9. cliffcoggin

    Gearbox issue..

    Glad to hear it. Where did you send the mechatronic unit for repair?
  10. cliffcoggin

    Touching up the rust bucket

    If the rust is coming through from the inside as Steve suggests, your chances of treating it effectively from the outside are slim. You might be better off driving it into the ground then scrapping it.
  11. Glad to hear the garage has done the decent thing.
  12. cliffcoggin

    Central locking issues

    James. Wiring diagrams can be found on-line.
  13. David. You have lower profile tyres at the front which means effectively the overall diameter is smaller, which in turn causes lower top speed/greater acceleration/greater fuel consumption. The lowering of the front end of the car may also have an effect on steering. I would get the tyres changed to the correct size.
  14. cliffcoggin

    2006 Audi A3

    Paul. I don't know the answer to your question, but have you checked that top gear ratio is actually higher than your existing box? It is natural to assume it is, but I would check before making any change. The other possible drawback depends on where the speedo is driven or impulsed from. If it is from the output shaft your speedo will still read correctly; but if it from an intermediate shaft you may find it to read wrongly.
  15. Forgive me if I disagree. That colour can never be rare enough <G>