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  1. cliffcoggin

    Noise when turn ignition off

    Sorry Chris, the file is either empty or unplayable on my computer.
  2. cliffcoggin

    Noise when turn ignition off

    What doesn't wind down slowly? The engine? The fan? Something else? We need a more detailed description, or even an audio recording if you can make one.
  3. cliffcoggin

    Goodbye A1.1.6tdi...hello A3 1.8 tfsi

    Agreed. Being a lazy driver I have had auto boxes for the last 30 years and would not go back to manuals. For the life of me I don't understand why when everything else in the car including doors, windows, lights, wipers and so on are automatic, most people have to wiggle a metal pole sticking up from the floor to make the car perform its basic function of travelling from A to B.
  4. cliffcoggin

    Someone help!

    Keanu. There are many, many faults that could cause those symptoms, so I would not like to guess which is the correct one. I caution against fitting new parts at random because, unless you are exceptionally lucky, you could end up paying a lot more than if you had taken the car to a garage for diagnosis.
  5. cliffcoggin

    Someone help!

    Keanu. What fuel? What engine size? What specific model? Nobody can give sensible advice unless you give us some more details.
  6. cliffcoggin

    Help Needed Blower Motor

    Glad you got two of the problems fixed. How about the airbag light?
  7. cliffcoggin

    After some help / advice

    I don't know if it is related or not, but there was a similar problem on this forum a little while ago entitled "Constant battery drain." Unfortunately it wasn't reported to have been solved but it may give some clues.
  8. cliffcoggin

    New car - Please help

    Mario. I too am glad this has been resolved satisfactorily, and you can relax in the knowledge your car isn't "bent". Cliff.
  9. cliffcoggin

    New car - Please help

    Mario. Whether we think it is a mistake by the DVLA or somebody else is no longer relevant. The time for discussion has passed. You have revealed a discrepancy in the records relating to your car, so if you are to have any chance of retaining it you need to take action. You can put things right yourself with the DVLA or you can return the car and let the seller do all the work. If the seller refuses any responsibility then it might be time to consider legal or even police involvement.
  10. cliffcoggin

    New car - Please help

    It wouldn't hurt to check with Audi, in fact I think the DVLA is subtly telling you to get it sorted out. It may be that the engine has been changed, which is perfectly permissible as long as the DVLA is notified of the change, but be aware that your insurance may be based on DVLA records. If your insurers believe the car has a 1.4 engine and it actually has a 1.6 then your insurance is invalid, which in turn means you are driving illegally. Look at your insurance papers. Furthermore I have no idea how or why the year of registration can be changed, so the whole matter still seems mighty suspicious to me. I hope you still have the receipt from the seller just in case something nefarious is going on. A legitimate dealer would usually check these matters before buying and selling a car.
  11. cliffcoggin

    New car - Please help

    Mario. Even if the DVLA have it wrong it can only be because they have been given the wrong information. Somebody somewhere is lying about the car. Maybe it was a simple clerical error, maybe it is a cut-and-shut job, maybe it is stolen, (in which case it could be confiscated). Whatever the reason you need to investigate, and the best place to start is the DVLA.
  12. cliffcoggin

    New car - Please help

    Being suspicious, I start to hear warning bells if different agencies report differing specifications for the same car. Have you looked at your registration document or contacted the DVLA?
  13. cliffcoggin

    I need help!

    Ask Audi. Surely Audi has got to be the definitive source of correct information.
  14. cliffcoggin

    Fans running high after engine off.

    Well said Gareth. Personally I don't respond to anybody who openly swears or who can't be bothered to use proper English in the question. Cliff.
  15. cliffcoggin

    Constant battery drain

    Judging by the size of the cables and the fuse ratings (80-100 amps) they have got be the starter motor circuit, and possibly the alternator.