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  1. cliffcoggin

    Cruise Control Retrofit & VCDS

    Morning Tom. If I am right in thinking my 2007 2.0 TDI is the same model as yours, then you have the wrong stalk. Cruise control is on its own stalk to the left of the steering column. There are no wheel buttons.
  2. cliffcoggin

    ‘06 A3 S-Line front end creeking noise

    I'd first look at the CV (constant velocity) joints. Damaged or oily gaiters are a bad sign. Grip each drive shaft with Mole or similar self-locking grips and try to turn the shaft while the transmission is locked. There should be no movement at all if the joints are fine.
  3. Have you checked: power supply, relay, switch, fuse, and earth?
  4. cliffcoggin

    Management light, EGR, Coil light, DPF

    Do please let us know the outcome.
  5. cliffcoggin

    Management light, EGR, Coil light, DPF

    Allan. I can't give any specific advice regarding your problem, but I have to say that the increasing complexity of modern cars is leading me to believe there are no cheap fixes anymore. The days of simple diagnosis and cheap repairs ended with simple engine designs. Forty years ago as an amateur self taught mechanic I could diagnose and repair any engine fault, but now even a manufacturer trained mechanic in a fully equipped garage can only plug it into a computer, and from what I read on this forum the resulting fault codes are open to wide interpretation. Sorry I can not be more optimistic. Perhaps others here can be more helpful.
  6. cliffcoggin

    Pothole damage

    I'll report on progress after my holiday.
  7. cliffcoggin

    Accident Repair- What should I do?

    If you have been quoted £500 for new bonnet and wing, fitted and finished, I would snap it up. That seems remarkably cheap for an Audi job.
  8. cliffcoggin

    Pothole damage

    That will be useful thanks Steve. Knowing what Audi alternatives are available is a start in finding possible replacement wheels. I suspect I shall have to contact Audi for advice on whether springing/damping/steering changes will also be required. I know a tiny bit about the theory of steering and suspension geometry, but have no practical knowledge of modifying original factory designs, hence I was asking for personal experiences of such changes to gauge their effect on handling.
  9. cliffcoggin

    Pothole damage

    After having the third tyre in ten months wrecked by unavoidable potholes, I am looking at alternative wheels and tyres as there is little prospect of Kent County Council compensating me or repairing the holes. I am considering changing the standard low profile tyres and alloy wheels for smaller wheels with higher profile tyres to maintain the current rolling diameter. Has anybody here have experience of this practice as all the queries I have seen involve fitting even lower profiles? I would even accept steel wheels if that was the only alternative, though naturally I would prefer the lower mass of alloys.
  10. cliffcoggin

    Accident Repair- What should I do?

    If the moped rider was blameless I wonder why he is not claiming from Praveen. Somehow I don't think we have the full story.
  11. cliffcoggin

    Key won't turn!!!

    In that case I don't know what to suggest. Sorry.
  12. cliffcoggin

    Key won't turn!!!

    I know you say the steering lock is releasing, but have you tried wriggling the wheel each way as you turn the key to ensure it is truly disengaging?
  13. cliffcoggin

    Noise after startup

    Thomas. Like Steve I can not hear anything unusual in your link. To pinpoint the noise you could try an old mechanic's trick with a screwdriver stethoscope. Place a large screwdriver tip firmly on various parts of the engine, then hold your ear against the handle. You'll be surprised just how noisy the bearings and pumps can be. I shan't insult your intelligence by warning you of the obvious dangers of this form of testing.
  14. cliffcoggin

    Creamy stuff around oil filler cap

    As Adam and Gareth have said, the creamy stuff is emulsion caused by water getting into the oil. How the water gets there has several causes: a faulty head gasket, condensation, fractured water gallery, faulty crankcase breather (if there is one,) are just some of them. I suggest you have the water system pressure tested as a first step.
  15. cliffcoggin

    Engine oil leak on A3

    I would think it more likely that the filter was not installed correctly rather than being faulty, but that's not really important. What is important is the possible damage to the engine, which can not be assessed without stripping it. As long as the garage will stand by their new car guarantee you should be covered for any problem that develops in the future. As for the lack of apology, that's discourteous and irritating but words are cheap. Actions are what count.