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  1. Hi, I went to look at a A3 2011 1.6 TDI S line 3dr today with a view to buying. Lovely car, great condition. My only concern was a ticking noise coming from the engine bay when idling. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas what this noise could be? Video included in the link below. It's not the easiest to hear but it's the ticking noise every 1 to 2 seconds that you can hear in the background. The car has had a recent cambelt and water pump change. It has done 77,000 miles. https://photos.app.goo.gl/5x5AWop6bGdFEe327 Thank you in advance.
  2. Hey! I have Audi A3 8P 3.2 V6 and my transfer box is broken and now im trying to find new one... does it need to be exact same model than mine or is it just okey when part number (0AV 409 053P) is right? does it matter if the box is from 4 cylinder car? 🙂
  3. I jet wash the car to find out later on my front right dip head light, right fog light, right rear indicator, front right indicator and the left rear side light isn't working. Any ideas what the story is here?
  4. Hi All, I am very excited to have ordered my new A3 Sportback a couple of weeks ago. The 'YourAudi' tracker is currently saying that my build is expected to begin on 28th November, which I assume means delivery towards the end of December, which seems an awfully long time away!! (Patience is not my greatest virtue...) I was just wondering if anyone has ordered an A3 or any other model in recent times, and how accurate they found these dates to be? From a bit of googling it seems these dates can swing about fairly wildly? The dealer predicted delivery by the end of November when ordering.. Any info much appreciated! Many thanks, Rob
  5. Hello Everyone, I Have a Audi A3 S-Line Black Edition 1.8 TFSI (Petrol), Recently the oil has been burning more than normal, My car's oil light is coming on every 300 miles instead of the usual estimated 1000-1200 miles from Audi.I had the car put on a oil consumption test and it failed at 304 miles before the light came on. Audi are stating to me the only thing they can do is replace the pistons and cams and hope this solves it. unfortunately as you can imagine the cost on this is more than buying a new engine due to the labour costs (estimated 20 hours). Has anyone had an experience with this issue and could be a simple fix (seen something about a choke valve sometimes sticking causing this problem? please help if anyone has any advice!
  6. Hey everyone! I’m excited to join the Audi squad and am collecting my used A3 S Line Black Edition 1.4 TFSI a week on Monday. As with anyone buying a car, I’m currently obsessed with any little upgrades I can make but am someone who definitely likes the factory look as opposed to aftermarket. Therefore two quick questions! Has anyone painted their brake calipers or got caliper covers? I’m getting the car in Daytona Grey and think a little bit of colour will look great but want it to look as factory as possible. Also I’m really not handy even if it is the case of just removing a wheel for covers. Finally my car is a 66 plate and is the facelift 8V but am not sure whether it comes with CarPlay or not? Any ideas? Cheers in advance! Terence
  7. Hi everyone. Was hoping for some advice. Looks like my abs pump/ module has a fault as traction light comes on and won't clear. Was just wondering if for this model can you take the electric module off without disturbing the actual pump so I don't have to bleed it again. Thanks any advise will be great
  8. Hi guys I need some help out here, I’ve got an s3 8l rear diff whining and found another rear diff of an a3 8l. Are the compatible to swap over or are they different in some way. thanks for everyone help
  9. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=154391195492&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229508&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  10. Afternoon all, I am currently looking to purchase some wheel spacers for my Audi A3 Sportback 2020, Blackedition, but I am unsure on the track width size of spacer to purchase with this being the first time buying these. Wondering if anyone has any advice on brands, potential track width (to look aggressive and in line with the body work) or any extra info that might help or need to be aware of? Pictures of those fitted are welcome. Thanks.
  11. Hi I’m new to the site and was wondering if anyone has had an oil pressure warning come up in the middle screen of the car is there a common fix like replace a sensor or something thanks
  12. Hey guys, I were driving home from work earlier on when I drove over a nasty hidden pot hole. It went with quite the bang. Just turned my headlights on now and the passengers side dipped beam seems to have dropped leaving a weird line of light in the road as i drive. any advice on how to fix? :) thanks. (I also tried manually adjusting the light with the screwdriver and that did nothing but move it up and down)
  13. Just swapped out my seats in my 13 plate a3 if anyone needs them, I'm based in wakefield WF4 4AB.
  14. Hi everyone, I recently bought an a3 8p 2.0tfsi quattro 56 plate. I serviced it and put new discs and pads on. When it came to putting on the front right the discs wouldn’t fit. The guy asked me to check breakers for a carrier and a wheel hub. I bought both but it didn’t fix the job. My front brakes should have 312mm discs. The left does but the right has 282mm discs. Any help? I can’t figure out why the standard 312mm discs don’t fit. Is it the wheel hub, carrier or something else? Any help will be very much appreciated. for reference my front brakes should be: 312mm by 25mm
  15. £5500 64500 miles. Great condition. Timing belt changed at 61,000 miles, full service history. New air conditioning system fitted last summer. Engine bushes replaced this year. Location: Brockley SE4 (London)
  16. I've had my 2007 A3 for around 10 years. Around a year ago the remote central locking stopped working. Tried replacement batteries but no joy getting resolved. Decided not to fix it further as it still opened from inside once the ignition is switched on. More recently though, the front passenger door will not open with the rest of the doors and must be done manually from inside the car before it can be opened. The final straw is the boot. It became intermittent opening and as of the last week it has now just stopped entirely. Again, manual release does work. I tried an OBD scanner and there were no fault codes. Hope someone can offer some suggestions as I love the car but it won't pass MOT next year if I can't resolve this.
  17. Hi all, Newbie here. I have a Audi A3 2.0 FSI S-line and wanted to know if anyone has a vcds and or help code my car and show me its full potential. i nearly ordered a VCDS from ebay but decided one do i not want to buy a dodgy wire and two i don't know how to use the software and wouldn't want to cause more harm than its worth I know there are a few things i would like to change but again im sure there are many more things that are possible If anyone could help that would be superb
  18. Hi everyone, I am completely new to the forum and really need help and advise. I have an A3 where the heater in the car wouldn’t work. I booked it in for a new matrix. To cut a long story short within a couple of days the matrix emptied the hot water in the passenger footwell after steaming up the windscreen and steam out of the vents. I was recovered and the garage “fixed” it. They claim it was a faulty matrix. Within less than a week it has done the same thing. Now apparently another faulty matrix. What can be done.?? Has anyone come across this before?? please could anyone help me? Is this fixable
  19. Hi there, I have just received a Brand New Audi A3 Sportback and am loving it so far - I do have one niggle though, and hope it is something easily solved! I followed the setup and signed in using myAudi account and set myself up as a Key User etc. The only problem is on the app I get a 'Link vehicle' box saying that the 'Audi connect infotainment services are not yet linked to this vehicle. Please enter your myAudi address and your password in your vehicle's MMI.' As far as I am aware, I have done this when setting up, so I am not sure why I am not getting the options to remotely set the AC and remotely lock/unlock the Vehicle? It looks like I am linked to the vehicle as I can send destinations and get reads on whether it is locked/windows are open etc. Does anyone know how to link the infotainment services? I have tried factory resetting it, deleting and re-downloading the app to no avail.
  20. Fitting Rear Parking Sensors to the A3 8V Body. Unimpressed by a quote from the Audi dealer of £600 to fit rear parking sensors to my 2016 A3 I decided to try and fit my own, although at the age of 72 I wasn’t as keen as I might have been a few years earlier. It turned out to be not too bad although I made a few mistakes which meant it took longer than it should have. You can avoid them by reading on. I bought a kit widely available on eBay for £12.99 not expecting too much, but on receipt everything looked fine. I tried it out indoors first up against a wall with a 12v power supply and couldn’t really fault it except that the sensors were black and my bumper is white. I was wary about spray painting them – afraid that the paint might clog up the transducers so did it very gingerly by holding them upside-down and spraying lightly from underneath from as far away as possible so the paint only just reached its target – several light coats rather than one deluge. So, no more dithering about, I had to get down to fitting them. Photos can be found here:- - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0svck6jk7iavzj/AACtPnpyqSIeA7n8oVCHbGxNa?dl=0 I thought the fitting of the sensors and routing of the wires would be the tricky part but actually that was quite easy – the electrical connection to the reversing light cable was fiddlier. I tackled the electrics first because if I couldn’t achieve that and had to give up I wouldn’t want four holes left in my bumper. The kit has to power up when reverse is selected so the task is to find which wire to the light clusters is the positive to the reversing light(s). Mistake No 1 (and the stupidest). I removed the left hand light cluster (viewed from the back of the car) to sort out which of the three wires went to the reversing light. Answer – none of them because the reversing lights are on the clusters on the boot lid which is a shame as it makes the job more difficult. The wiring harnesses from the car into the boot-lid can be seen on each side at the top near the hinges, but this is not a place that can be tapped into, I had to get access to the loom further down, to the side of the boot. When the doors into the side panel storage pockets on each side of the boot are removed, the harnesses can be seen but they are near the top and access isn’t good. I wanted to remove the whole trim to the left of the boot but could find no on-line advice on how to do this, and Haynes haven’t got around to writing a manual for the 8V yet it seems. I decided to have a look at the other side and on removing the little door saw that access was better as the loom extended lower into the orifice (always wanted to use that word in a non-biological sense) so I set to work to find which of the 20 or so wires in the loom was the one for the reversing light. There must be one there as there are reversing lights on both sides. Wrong! That was Mistake No 2. My method for locating the correct wire was to stick a pin or sewing needle through the insulation of each one in turn to hit the metal strands inside and see which one had about 12V on it when reverse was selected (with ignition on), and DIDN’T have 12V when reverse was not selected. This requires a couple of crocodile clips and leads and a volt-meter although a 12V bulb would do. One croc clip connects to the needle that you are shoving into the wire and the other to the car chassis (earth). Luckily there are earth points right next to the looms. Having done this to all the wires in the right had loom and drawn a blank I was forced to use the left hand loom where I eventually found the correct wire. On my car it was the green one with a red stripe. It was then a matter of cutting it and using a “chocolate block” to join it again and link in the red wire from the sensor control box power lead. This I found very awkward due to the location but it may have been easier if I wasn’t left handed. I decided to locate the control box in the left hand storage pocket so the wires from the sensors would need to come in at that side of the car. There are two easy routes so no drilling involved. One is via the ventilation escape flap which is at the bottom of the pocket towards the rear of the car and the other is via a hole with a rubber sealing grommet which is probably there for this purpose on models which already have sensors fitted. This is at the bottom of the pocket towards the side of the car behind some packing. I replaced the grommet with a fancy cable gland but this is not really necessary. You could just make a hole in the existing gland which is removable. Before taking the plunge and drilling the holes in the bumper it is necessary to decide where to fit them. Jacking up one side of the car and lying underneath and looking back into the bumper you can see that there are some obstacles which need to be avoided but on the whole it is quite clear and there are even some handy supports that the cable can be laid in. The instructions specify a height of 60 to 80cms but I found this to be too high (they would have been pointing upwards) so fitted them lower at 56cms. I decided that the best locations were 24cms and 66cms each side of the centre line of the bumper (but check this first in case there are variations). I fixed masking tape vertically down over the bumper from the boot catch to mark the centre line and drew a cross on it at the vertical height a wanted the centres of the sensors to be. Then it was a case of measuring left and right to make four more crosses on bits of masking tape where the holes were to be drilled. Good practice dictated that I drill small pilot holes before attacking the bumper with the hole-saw provided with the kit, so I zipped along the bumper with a cordless drill – 1... 2… 3… 4… 5… sh*t! Mistake No 3 (maybe more stupid than the first one). Don’t drill a hole through the centre marker otherwise you will have to block it up with a self- tapping screw and paint it the same colour as the bumper. From here on it is fairly easy although awkward lying under the car and feeding the wiring along the inside of the bumper using the existing brackets etc to hide it behind and maybe the occasional tie-wrap. It doesn’t really matter which order the sensors are plugged in to the control box. I fitted the bleeper onto the top of the control box using the sticky pad provided and find that even though it is inside the storage pocket and masked by the boot tray I can still hear it with the radio on, although if you listen at high volume you might need to locate it elsewhere. It is quite loud. So, very satisfactory. The only minor complaint I have about the kit is that the power wire is rather thin with only a few strands of wire inside. This is all that is needed from the current carrying point of view but it does make it flimsy for connecting up. Tip. You know how when you buy something and a few years down the line it goes wrong and you can’t get replacement parts because the company no longer exists or they have upgraded it and the bits are no longer compatible with what you have got? Well at £12.99 just buy a second kit so you will have a complete set of spare parts.
  21. Hi! Im a new Audi owner having just bought a 2011 A3 cabriolet. I was looking to have some Exterior mods done to it but have been told that as it’s a convertible there’s not much I can do. Does anyone have any ideas please? thank you!
  22. Hi, Does anybody know how I can change the small display (as circled in the attached image) to show me how many miles remaining in my tank. I have tried to press the right stalk but that only resets the trip counter. I have also tried to hold the right stalk and it also resets the trip counter. I have tried pulling the right stalk and that does nothing. At the moment the display is showing me the speed, however I don't know how I got it to show this as previous it was showing ">ne<". Regardless, all I want to know is how to change this display to show me the fuel range. I am driving a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDI S Line. It comes with the multi function steering wheel and also the Audi Navigation Plus head unit. Not sure whether I use either of those to change it but if you guys could please help.
  23. Hi all I'm looking into buying an Audi A3/S3 2.0tfsi quattro, 5 door, from around the 2008 mark. I'm planning on tastefully modding and remapping this car and have heard you can reap 310bhp+- from them without any heavy modifications. Looking on auto trader, I've noticed that there seems to be a variation on the power outputs, from what looks to me to be the same engine. So finally, my question is - are the 2.0 tfsi engines in the A3 (200bhp) , A3 - s line (197bhp) , and S3 (263bhp), all the same, meaning they'd produce the same output with a remap? Here are the two I've been looking at: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006270572159?atmobcid=soc3 http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202006290636074?atmobcid=soc3 Thanks for your time! Joe
  24. Hello, this is my first post so I hope I’m in the right place in the forums for this. Basically I’m going to be viewing a 2014 Audi s3 with 31k miles on the clock. It’s failed it’s last MOT due to having no catalytic converters, but I’m told a new one is being installed upon my arrival. What sort of issues/common problems should I be looking out for? What sort of questions should I be asking the dealer? (Dealer is independent). Should I be taking out warranty if I do purchase? thanks.
  25. Hi all just purchased a 2012 S-line Black Edition A3. Anyone found a wireless charging kit that would fit in the storage tray forward of the gear lever? Thanks in advance Dan
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