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Found 22 results

  1. Recently noticed a thick build up of yellow gunk under the oil cap of my audi a3 1.6 (2000) and it smells of petrol within the oil. The dip stick is clean and has no signs of mayo gunk. The car still starts up perfect with no signs of smoke and runs smooths with no over heating problems. Have a gut feeling it's head gasket but would appreciate anyone's help. Thanks.
  2. Hi 22/08/17 just noticed my coolient leave way below min and oil light recently went off. My mate suggested possible head gasket. I hope !Removed! not as I have had the car in and out of Audi the last two years (including 2017 like a yo yo). March 2017 Audi replaced my rocker cover gasket at a huge cost £500 +. I always keep my eye on temperature all normal, no milky oil on oil cap, no white smoke generally or idling (maybe sometimes when I floor it but not 100% sure white smoke?) Worse case scenario if it is head gasket how much can I expect to pay? Does anyone know a good independent in London or east London that can do an excellent job replaceing? I've topped up oil to capacity to make it 4 litre level (5w30 castrol edge) and added water to max level. I will watch and monitor car from now. Milage of vehicle around 104600.
  3. Hi, would like to know if I can use Shell helix ultra 5w-30 professional AG in my car?
  4. Hi all, I am looking to buy a Audi A5 2.0 tfsi soon. However I am aware of the oil consumption issues with these engines. My question is, what percentage are actually effected? Will I have a good chance of getting one that hasn’t got the oil issues? Or should I just walk away from it? the car has full service history, but has been recently done by a garage for the past few years and not Audi themselves. If it needs a rebuilt engine will Audi not pay out due to the service history? i am just looking peoples experiences with these engines to get an idea and if you had a rebuild can you please tell me what you had to provide them with? if they had the rebuild done will it be covered by Audi?
  5. We can’t wait to get our cars out, are you ready for this summer too? That important oil change just before the blue skies and dry weekends! Now for a limited time only, Opie Oils are running 20% OFF Castrol Edge Titanium 5w-30 LL with code EDGE20. Stock up now with this amazing offer at: We looking forward to seeing you on the website soon, Oilman
  6. Hi all, I just got my second handed A4 Avant 2008 2.0T Manual for 2 weeks from a local car dealer. Out of sudden, the car told me that I need to fill the oil. Now I am asking, is it possible to ask the car dealer to fill the oil for me, concerning the very short period I bought the car from them. If not, can you recommend any types of oil? And is it safe for the engine to be working with the mixed new oil with those oil which were already there? Cheers for any information.
  7. Alright guys, Hope someone on here can help me with this problem I’ve been trying to solve as I’m really stuck. So when it was snowing a few weeks back unfortunately I hit a mound of snow and it disconnected the oil level sensor plug…. Which was then dragged along the ground for about 20 miles before I had chance to look underneath properly. Immediately after the plug was cracked but we managed to reconnect it and the warning light went out, but a couple days later it managed to fall out and completely destroyed itself. I’ve so far bought another 3 pin Bosch plug from simtek and replaced it but this hasn’t rid the car of the warning light. The engine is: 2.0 TDI BKD The oil level sensor part number is: 6pr008079-003 - What is the colour correct colour wires for each pin? - Does this type of issue need you to have the bonnet close while you reconnect the plug? - Does anyone know the part number for the loom that connects to the oil level sensor as I suspect the wires might be damaged for being snagged around under the car To make matters worse, when I first managed to get the car on the ramp for inspection the picture I took focused on my glove and I cannot distinguish which way I’m holding it Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  8. Just bought Coupe but have no owner manual. On turning on ignition large warning light at top of cluster displays what look like a yellow light bulb then changes to red oil can. Oil is topped up as far as I can see but not sure what this is indicating with manual. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. Dear Audi uk I have written and spoken to you many times re the vehicle Audi A4 2.0T TFSI. An ongoing constant issues I have mentioned to Audi uk in the past is the several engine oil level low warning lights, between Audi services. I have owned the vehicle since August 2015 I have had two Audi Services one major and one minor so far. The issue is between services the engine oil level low warning lights come on maybe on average three separate occasions, through the twelve months and when I check the dip stick in fact the engine oil is at a low level. I have a rough idea this happens around every two-thousand miles driving overs the two years, which seems as excessive amount of oil leaving me mentally exhausted dealing and thinking about this issue constantly. You are aware from my files I have spent thousands of pounds with Audi uk franchises to keep this vehicle on the uk roads in its best condition even when the engine suffered catastrophic engine failure. I have seen online Audi have helped other owner(s) of the 2.0T TFSI vehicle, with the same issue I am having full curtsey of Audi footing the bill, such as a curtesy piston rings replacement and or other fixes for this issue unbeknown to me. I am aware my vehicle is outside the warranty period. My current vehicle mileage is 106719 I am unable to contribute any money to a repair as I am already in debt due to past Audi vehicle issues. I look forward to your response regards.
  10. Hi guys, I've damaged my oil filter cap by over tightening it.. Anyone know where to buy a new from? I can't find anywhere that does! Cheers
  11. Months ago I had oil too up due to a cracked oil collier. 16/08/17 oil light came on I checked under car no leaks or anything obvious to save something's wrong. I checked dip stick an In fact it's on minimum oil level. Current mileage 104514. I've emailed the Audi centre for dates and mileage 1) so I can see what I've done since last oil change and 2) to see if this is normal oil useage for a 2 litre tfsi?
  12. ITP

    TTS 8J Oil Leak

    Hello, I seem to have oil leaking from below my alternator. I'd checked the belt a week or so ago so it's a recent development. My concern is it could lead to the belt slipping and/or coming off which is a real pain in the backside. I snapped a few photos, has anyone had a similar issue? Any advice on where this is coming from would be great, I can't see the source because whatever it is, is below the alternator. The underside is covered and because of the belt it's also sprayed about a bit. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hiya all. I'm a long time lurker as am looking to replace my BMW Z4 with something with four seats and a gigantic boot to do some motorway mile munching. A manual, 2010 Audi A6 looks perfect (those interiors are amazing) and potentially looking to buy a 2.0 TFSI A6 this weekend. However, the question I wanted to ask is if the A6 2.0 TFSI engines are similarly affected by the oil issue. I haven't seen any mention of this as the affected models seem to be A4,s A5s and Q5s but have never heard of an A6 being affected. Has anyone heard if 2010 A6 TFSIs are also affected and if not, why not? When I called Audi and my local dealer, they mentioned A6s were unaffected but I wanted to check on here, first. What do you know about this?
  14. Dear motoring world and all those concerned, my Audi problems. December 2014 I purchased car 1 privately a 2005 Audi A4 B7 2.0T s line tfsi on 92k miles, full Audi service history. I paid a reputable mechanic I’d used for eight years to change water pump, timing belt change and a full service. On date 6/5/15 car 1 while stuck in slow moving traffic in south London the car engine failed randomly with no warning on Mileage 95k, vehicle towed to mechanic. Mechanic informed me reason for failure Audi part known to commonly fail on my vehicle called the OIL CHAIN PUMP had failed resulting major total engine failure. 27/05/15 Contacted Audi uk customer service to invite Audi Bromley to view the vehicle located at mechanic’s. I was told someone would come. 28/05/15 Audi master technician (from Audi Bromley branch) viewed my vehicle at mechanics. No written report done by Audi, but confirmed verbally to Audi Bromley service manager Richard Balcomb the OIL CHAIN PUMP FAILURE. 01/06/15 Cased assigned to Audi uk case manager. 01/06/15 Audi case manager Ben O informed me repair may cost £4500. 08/06/15 Via phone spoke to Audi business manager Mathew Well’s. I explained the situation to him, which I was informed he would get back to me via email which he never did. 09/06/15 Audi case manager Ben O closed my case, stating “Audi legal department said, Audi cannot prove when oil chain pump failed, if the vehicle continued to be driven whilst warning light on, so cannot support cost of repair, we cannot apply good will discount because vehicle not bought from Audi” he also mentioned the repair would be uneconomical due to costing more then the vehicle £7000-£8000 new replacement engine cost. I asked for a contact address to use for a small claims court and was given ‘Audi auk, Brunswick court, Yeomes Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keyes, MK14 5LR. As a result I had to scrap the vehicle at a great loss to myself. Audi treated me poorly leaving me very upset. Moving onto 2015 Thinking car 1 was a one off. I did truly desire this specific vehicle model Audi A4 B7. I did my research re oil chain pump design changed in 2007 + and purchased car 2 also bought privately a 2007 Audi A4 B7 2.0T s line tfsi on 88k miles, full Audi service history. On mileage 94k guess what happened? While driving at around ten mph around the corner from my house. On date 30/03/16 I had another major engine failure re OIL CHAIN PUMP to my shock horror. I debated heavily with Audi uk for the car to be fixed by them for free but they refused and instead offered me an Audi executive £250 Audi voucher I was livid and furious. I could not even reply back as I was speechless given what had happened to car 1 and car 2 both suffering the same issue. This time I could not afford to scrap another Audi vehicle. I paid Audi Chingford around £2880 (with good will discount applied apparently) that cost hit me hard I literally had to take out a loan to pay for the repair as I could not afford to pay it (I am still in debt today due to the loan). I was a mess I paid it and decided enough was enough if Audi was not going to help me re OIL CHAIN PUMP failure id take them to court. On my extensive research I found that Audi did in fact know of this issue, also on many online forums this issued had happened to many other Audi owners. To my surprise no uk lawyer or uk group has sued Audi uk over this fault in their engines. I started court proceedings against Audi uk re the above. I requested from Audi uk Solicitors; 04/07/16 I request the following that re my case against Audi uk/vw that they have all knowledge of as I will need this information from Audi. All stats/information to include engines failures for Audi/vw 2.0 TFSI specifically years 2005 to 2007 reported up to present date of year 2016 to Audi preferably in hard copy paper form sent to my address; 1.Statistics for engine failures for all Audi uk/vw vehicles using 2.0 TFSI dated between 2005 to 2007. 2.Statistics for engine failures for all Audi uk/vw vehicles using 2.0 TFSI dated between 2005 to 2007 reference, oil chain pump failures. Including engine failures related and/or parts connected to oil chain pump such as a part called the follower that sits on top of chain on oil chain pump for example. 3.A break down of engine failures ofAudi uk/vw vehicles using 2.0 TFSI dated between 2005 to 2007 inside warranty period and outside that period. 4.Can I request what compensations were offered to owners engine failures of Audi uk/vw vehicles using 2.0 TFSI dated between 2005 to 2007. 5. Request a full report of why 2005 to 2007 Audi/vw 2.0 TFSI engines fail reference oil chain pump/related parts near to oil chain pump. Which they did not supply to me. I only got a small insignificant amount from them that in no way covered the thousands of pounds I lost ref the two Audi vehicles. 20/07/16 Eventually Audi uk lawyers settling out of court with me offering a small token amount towards the thousands I’d spent fixing car 2. I emailed all the Audi/vw directors I could find about my story and not one of them had the fortitude to email or contact me back. Moving onto 2016 Unfortunately the drama does not end. Car 2 had several oil warning lights go off. March 2016: full service Audi Chingford (no engine issues reported). APRIL 2016: Oil chain pump failure, resulting in engine rebuild at Audi garage (around 94000k). 23rd July 2016: check engine oil light on (97228k) 16th August 2016: Engine oil pressure too low warning light (97826k). 3rd December 2016: check engine oil light on (100187k). I complained and eventually brought car 2 back to Audi Chingford, they had the vehicle for several days for for me to be told ‘there’s nothing wrong with the vehicle and they cannot find anything wrong’ I was very surprised but I took their word for it, until I got one or more engine oil warning lights. I got straight on the phone to Audi uk where I was eventually told the oil usage for my vehicle was normal and I should expect to re oil my vehicle around every three months. I was confused as before the Oil chain pump failure it ran way more the three months with no oil warning lights. So I needed a second opinion. Moving on to 2017 I elected to find a next Audi. I found a service center called Audi Harold wood. I requested from them a service, front disc brakes change and most importantly to find the source of my engine oil warning lights. They came back to me confirming what I’d known all along, there was something physically wrong with it. With engine oil saturating the sump, but at that time they could not pin point exactly where the issue was. I was asked to drive the vehicle at least four-hundred miles then bring it back for further investigation. At this point I was impressed that they had confirmed a fault. I booked the vehicle in for March 2017. I received a call from a manager called John, John informed me or words to effect ‘They think the leak is around the OIL COOLER (I think he said), he said if Audi Chingford did not touch/move/replace it at all you would have to pay for the repair. He will find out from his master technician to give me a result. 20/03/17 I emailed all the Audi and Vw directors I could find again this time. I wanted to share my pain, frustration, feedback and unhappiness with Audi management etc….., re two different Audi A4 2.0T TFSI vehicles. 21/03/17 I received an email back from a Audi customer service rep informing me Cian O’Brien, Director of Audi UK has started an investigation re my issues. The end 22/03/17 Informed by Audi Harold Wood Manager, Rocker cover gasket £256, oil cooler £256, £87 labour and looking at another part mite need replacing possibly oil cooler hose, best will give me is 10% discount good will. I am majorly annoyed that coincidentally the oil chain pump fails Then soon after oil lights, oil leaks and then oil related parts are found to need replacing, madness! Yet more money to spent even for a now around ten year old vehicle it’s outrageous. 23/03/17 I spoke with an Audi uk customer service person Nicola B, who informed me after she looked at the history of my issues no help will be offered to me by Audi uk, suggesting I part exchange the vehicle. 27/03/17 I sent my experience to the government department VOSA re my, safety concerns for myself and other current Audi A4 TFSI owners. Evidenced by numerous internet forums where other Audi TFSI owners also suffered oil chain pump failure/failure cam follower on oil chain pump. I feel as a matter of a major safety concern re both vehicles if they failed while I was driving the vehicle(s). If they had failed at speed. I or other(s) could have suffered a fatality, inside vehicle re collision or other or outside vehicle(s) re a collision or other. I feel due to all……. the above car 1-2 the repair should be done for free or super good will discount with Audi footing the bill. Conclusion From my short three years experience with the Audi brand, Audi uk and Audi vehicles it’s been a financially painful journey (re car 1+2 spent close to £20,000 in totality), very stressful, probably putting me off ever owning an Audi vehicle. Even though I love the look of some of their vehicles. I felt let down by the vehicles for breaking not once but twice, Audi uk making me a £250 voucher offer to cover thousands of pounds of repairs and their generally poor handling of a situation that I’m unfortunately not the first person this has happened to. I suggest to anyone thinking of purchasing a Audi 2.0 Tfsi B7 model DON’T stay well clear of this Audi vehicle is my best advise. This will likely be my last ever Audi vehicle maybe. I shall take the little money I have left on the earth to go to another brand like Lexus etc……………...
  15. Hi Guys, So, I decided to put an aftermarket CAT BACK exhaust on my S3 8V and for 1000 miles it was amazing, truly amazing. Then suddenly, as I was about to embarrass a Vauxhall Corsa on the M1, my amazing S3 turned into a quivering wreck, EPC light on and power seemingly completely off along with the turbo. The sound of the car suddenly became very muffled and quiet. And the famously exquisite DSG !Removed!/ pop on upshift, well that sounded more like my nan plumping the cushions, flat, quiet and void of any substance. I took the car into Audi and they said "its because you put an aftermarket exhaust on it" as the fault codes read "EXHAUST BLOCKAGE", So then I took the car back to the exhaust place and had them replace it with the stock back box. And when I went back for the car the mechanic said, "There is a load of soot and grime in your exhaust right from the engine through to the back box", which was great news. And as a drove away with the car back to stock, the car STILL sounded quieter and did not pop but drove like usual. SOOOO.. I GO BACK TO AUDI, and they said "you have a cracked sump", they replaced that and cleared the fault codes...... 4 days later I pick my car up with no fault codes, a stock exhaust and a new sump and GUESS WHAT???????? The car still sounds RUBBISH. No one could explain the soot in the exhaust other than the Blaise service manager passing it off as "a natural process". I am furious as I have no answers and no clue what to do to make my car sound like it did before, popping and cracking like thunder. I can only think that it is because I drive to work everyday and it takes me 2 minutes, stop start. Am I knackering my engine by not giving it a chance to heat up? I drove it 100 miles yesterday in an attempt to clear out the soot but alas it has made NO difference. Please someone help me and tell me how I can resolve this issue! Thank you, James
  16. Here's my observations about my car I use as a daily driver to work. (bought august 2015 still learning about the car as have owned less then two years with various repairs done re engine namely bottom part of engine replaced due to oil chain pump failure) so not had a clear run yet: Around three months ago I gave my car to Audi chingford for a full service after getting it back shortly after (maybe four weeks) the oil light came on to my shock. I panicked as when I checked indeed it was on minimum oil level. I thought I mite have a leak. On further internet research I saw certain audis have an excessive oil usage problem. I contacted Audi uk (who later confirmed mines was not one of the known problem vehicles). I arranged to bring car back to Audi chingford who confirmed it was low and suggested due to new engine parts was probably the cause. They topped it up for me. I spoke to Audi uk who told me my car was within acceptable oil usage parimaters basically he said it was normal to top up every couple of months. Which baffled me a bit as my previous vihicle was a vw 1.8 turbo petrol owned eight years and I did one oil change a year but only drove on weekends for pleasure As of month 1st December 2016 the oil light came on. So I've worked out from what audis has said this will be the norm for my car. I've done 2345 miles or three months since last oil fill up. Conclusion this is what I'm to expect as the norm for this car. I don't know how I feel about that but at least I know where I stand now. (FYI I topped up with castrol edge 5w-30) I found this online: 'note that the Audi specification for the 2.0 engines allows for a litre of oil to be used every 1242 miles, and they will not consider this level of usage to be a fault. This is written in the manual if you look in the section on oil. However, many 2.0 TFSI owners routinely get only around 500-600 miles, which is definitely out of spec.' and I found this article below; UK / BBC Watchdog / Oil Consumption – June 2015Jun 4, 2015Audi UK is committed to investigating and swiftly resolving any technical issues relating to our cars which are reported to us through our network.As we have stated previously, a low percentage of older 2.0 TFSI engines fitted to certain models have been exceeding the factory oil consumption tolerance of 0.5 litres per 1,000 kilometres (approx. 620 miles). Changes were made to the production tolerances of the pistons and rings in this engine from mid-2011 onwards, and customers with 2.0 TFSI cars produced after this date should not have any cause for concern.The comprehensive Audi UK Warranty (3 years/60,000 miles) covering all new Audi vehicles has already resolved the majority of these cases at no cost to the customer. For remaining affected customers with cars that are no longer covered by this warranty, we have a policy in place to resolve issues on a case-by-case basis. This revised policy has been in force nationally since the beginning of the year and applies to new and retrospective cases. Qualification criteria are applied in each individual case to confirm that the vehicle has been serviced in accordance with the owner’s handbook by an Audi Centre or other professional workshop which follows the Audi Service quality standards.We invite all Audi customers who have any questions or concerns relating to newly discovered or previously reported oil consumption with 2.0 TFSI engines to contact their local Audi Centre. Alternatively, our advisors will be available until 10pm on Thursday 4 June, and thereafter from 8am to 8pm, by calling 0800 0930110<tel:0800%20093%200110>free of charge from landlines*.
  17. Hi I just joined here own an Audi A4 2 litre tfsi two in total ever. My 1st was a year 2005 2 litre tfsi 200bhp A4 current year 2007 same vehicle but the 220bhp Quattro special edition version. I Had numerous problems with both mainly OIL CHAIN PUMP failure (both went around 88k) resulting in major engine rebuild costing me thousands of pounds and putting me into major debt. I have had had many battles due to the above some with Audi to the point I started legal proceedings against them to get help. in the end of buying both cars I lost £7000 as a totality which I'm still feeling today my experience with Audi uk was not great. Currently my car gets looked after by Audi chingford who did all the engine repairs for oil chain pump.
  18. What type of each of the fluids should I buy for my car?
  19. Hello, first post but I really need your help and advice please, I have an A6 2.0 TDi on a 58 plate with full service history , its done approx 127k miles. Recently I was driving locally when the oil pressure 'turn off' came up and I had to have the car taken to a local garage whom I usually use. He says the job is too big for him and I have to take it to Audi (lindale) . On speaking to them they say (without even examining it) its likely to be a 4 to 5 thousand pound repair! What on earth has happened ? The car is around 8 years old with FSH, its probably worth 5-6k so Im stuck at the moment with a perfectly (or was) serviceable vehicle thats likely to be scrapped. Surely Audi UK must know about this? the engine should be good for another 200k miles. Im absolutely gutted. Can anyone offer me help or advice please as Im at a total loss as to what to do. I have always bought Audi/VW for the past 25 years but my confidence in the brand has been shattered. Thanks guys Brian
  20. I have an Audi A4 - 2007 plate, with a 2l Turbo TFSI petrol engine, 100k miles, and my oil level goes down from the maximum mark on the dipstick down to the minimum mark after about 2,500 miles - then it needs topping up with about 1 litre of oil.Is this normal consumption or the beginning of a problem?James
  21. I was recently informed, that my Auto gearbox needed an oil change every 40K miles to maintain the integrity and warranty. On presenting the car to an Audi garage, they informed me the gearbox is sealed for life!! Is this true?? I can't believe the oil doesn't need to be changed...ever?!?! Cheers
  22. Hi, I own a audi a4 2009 1.8 petrol model. It has 40k milage and im having problems with its oil consumption. The yellow warning light on the dash appears, signalling low oil but still ok to drive. I had a replacement oil sensor fitted (advised by garage) however the light continued to come back on. The garage mentioned that it is low on oil and i should seek professional advice from the dealer. On a full tank of oil i get 600 miles untill the warning light reappears. This has happened three times now and currently audi have replaced the filters and oil to perform a consumption test. I don't see any leakage and audi also confirmed no sign of this. The exhaust is very black so guessing its a fault with the engine burning the oil. Audi said once the consumption test is done i may have to pay for them to strip down the engine. Sounds very costly (quoted £140 per hour labour) and wanted advice on next steps. I came across a number of audi problems on the net in regards to oil loss which highlighted piston seals, and turbo issues. Due to the car being less that 4 years old (just out if warrantee) i was wondering what other people would do next? Has anyone had a engine rebuild funded by audi themselves? Or is there a governing body that looks into issues like this? On a 3.5 year old car at the expense of purchase and full audi services i don't expect a engine rebuild to be acceptable, or at a cost to the purchaser for a known audi fault. Any help or advice would be appreciated