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  1. I Have not changed companies, I am still with Sheilas Wheels, but bought via confused.com
  2. Any owners in the Northwest who are up for attending a very big popular meet in Liverpool It will be towards end of this month probably 30th be great to get a convoy together full of audis!
  3. Just to update, i have altered my renewal with Sheilas Wheels who are part of Esure, I was quoted 1294 renewal, after going on Confused.com i paid £611 increasing my cover too. Just shows you how important it is to shop around. £683 saving! without changing insurer. Before you renew go on the comparison sites, as it seems you might just get a cracking deal, even the guy on the call center said he has never seen this before and said im 100 percent right to come back with the cheaper quote, he basically gave me 41% off My insurance is dearer than most as i park outside my house, in a
  4. I have an 07 b7 A4, the rear numberplate light went out, a warning on my dash came up, is it correct not all bulbs will clear fault I have seen osram bulbs would they be ok?
  5. I increased the cover and it still came out half the price, they are doing a deal with esure too
  6. I had my renewal from Sheilas Wheels, however i went on confused.com and they literally have my quote half price from Sheilas Wheels.They have a special deal with them. Might be worth you guys looking into it too!
  7. Have an error on my roof, if i try lower roof on my dash it says i have a problem with flap or something in boot any ideas?
  8. no after this paint job i kind of like them now
  9. Had them done in a Gunmetal, but toned down with silver adding a pearl.
  10. Buddy has it on his TT for 2 years, I had it on my mini cooper s for 6 months, had no issues, i would not suggest this for performance cars, mine is only 2.0 tfsi so not too powerful.
  11. Best stuff ever, mine is not high performance so is fine to use, thick paint. direct on rust is fine.
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