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Found 110 results

  1. Hello everyone, in desperate help as I cannot find it anywhere, I have an Audi a4 b7 with a k04 hybrid conversion. It's has a decat downpipe system on it and need to find a cat downpipe for emissions but haven't had luck finding a K04 downpipe for my car! I cry for help and I'm grateful if anyone can help me!
  2. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I found out about it because I bought an Audi A4 convertible last summer, and have recently been having some issues that I cannot figure out. I'm hesitant to bring it to a garage because 1) i think it will be expensive even to diagnose and 2) its COVID19 isolating times and 3) my friend is a mechanic and is willing to give it a try but he's not keen to do the research! So just a couple of weeks ago, my battery completely died, and I knew it was old, so my mechanic friend replaced it for me. He does not know how to reset the computer, if that is an issue. Everything seemed fine though, so whatever. The next day I took the car out for spin for first time in ages, and put the top down cuz it was a gorgeous day. When I returned home, the top would not close. The hydraulics lifted up the back cover, and then just went kaput, it would not continue the work. The back cover stayed up at 90 degrees. So I operated the top manually a few times, and after that it again started to work, but when it got to the point when the back cover had to lift on its hydraulics, it wouldn't go, just sat there, holding up the progression. Also the switch to operate the roof is a bit funny- it lets me start the process, then it dies. Then if I start it again, it goes for a bit, then dies.... I keep ending up with the roof halfway up. I'm sensing here is something wrong with the hydraulics motor, or a relay, or even a short somewhere? I'm so frustrated because I have hardly gotten to use the car with the top down since I bought it!! I would be grateful if anyone has any similar experiences and solutions to share. I am also desperately seeking the user manual for this articular model, it did not seem to come with the car when I bought it used last year. Thanx in advance!
  3. I’m looking for an aftermarket diffuser for a S4, B8.5. Something like in the photos would do, could be second hand. Drop me a line if you have something.
  4. Hi all, I’m new to the forum. I would appreciate your help. I’ve just bought an A4 Avant 40TFSI. It’s a 2019 model, bought used from the local Audi dealer. As most of you know, newer Audis don’t come with a spare wheel (not even a space saver one). The only thing supplied is an inflatable kit which is pretty much useless and it also ruins the tyre if used, which means you have to purchase a new tyre every time you have a puncture. I have asked the dealer if I can order a space-saver tyre. He made some enquiries and the response was: “AUDI are not sure if it’s possible and also if it will even fit, as modifications might be needed. If you have a puncture, call breakdown service!”. Not sure what to think of that… Apparently the reason AUDI have removed the spare tyre is to reduce emissions… I drive a lot for work and it wold be very inconvenient to call breakdown service and wait to be towed to the nearest garage just to repair a puncture. I’d like to be able to put the spare tyre on and carry on with my journey. The tyres are 245/40/R19 (19 inch alloys). I had a look online and it seems that the Hankook T125/70/R19 space saver tyre is the one suited for this size. The only problem is that the boot space is very tight. There is potentially some room if I remove the pump box (which I will happily do if I can fit the spare tyre there), but the rectangular battery might be a problem, as it seems to obstruct the round shape of the tyre. Also, the battery cables run through the grooves and are not easy to move / bend. I took a photo to give you an idea of the space. Before I go ahead and purchase a tyre I wanted to ask if anyone had the same problem and if you have found a solution, i.e if it’s possible to fit a space saver tyre over the battery (and if so, are there any mods or extra components required ). Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Steve
  5. Hi Guys haven't got an a4 yet but have enquired about a few. I really like the a4 2.0tdi s-line quattro in red. Only thing I'm disappointed in is it doesnt have the radio display like the newer models do you know if the display from a newer model will fir mine if I could find one?
  6. Hi I’ve been loosing coolant pretty rapidly the past few day’s I can’t see any leaks I’ve changed the expansion tank cap and no difference I’ve changed the oil and it wasn’t milky at all if I put my foot down to about 90 the temp will start to creep up any ideas? Head gasket maybe? I’ve had The garage test the head for leaks twice and there wasn’t any but it seems like I’ve got back pressure in the coolant system.
  7. Hi guys, hoping someone could shed some light for me I've recently had a a4 convertible, the roof unlatches and that's about it. I cleaned the bushes on the motor still the same. Done manual reset still nothing. Thing that's got me thinking is I can hear a noise when you put the switch into open which is confusing me a bit. Is the motor gone is it ok? Hope somebody could give some advice. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am searching for my first Audi A4 and so far narrowed it down to two versions. I have a few questions if anyone can shed any light. 2016/17 A4 S line 3.0 TDI Quattro 218 bh with under 20k on the clock vs 2017 A4 S line 2.0 TDI 190 bh under 20k are the two of interest. Any input would be great. Main questions: What are the differences between the two in regards to MPG (Mainy urban driving on a daily basis.) I suspect the 3.0 may drink a little more but checking online only a one or two MPG or so more than the 2.0 . What do these cars truly do on MPG ? Is there anyway to verify the mileage ? I would prefer to buy from Audi via the used approved. But haggling seems to have died out in the UK from last time I bought a car. Is there a good time to put an offer in ? Are there any pro's and con's that are of concern between the two. Is there anything else that should be considered. Any advice would be much appreciated and thank you in advance.
  9. Got two discs I bought a few months back for a car I no longer have. OIEO £350
  10. Now then guys, wondered if anyone would be interested in an Audi shell that I'm selling, 1250£ for the lot (ONO), it's a 55 plate good condition, only thing wrong with it is that the glove box needs renewing as both clips are broken and the ashtray has come away in the back. Pictures available, email me if interested. Thanks Andy
  11. I’m sadly selling my recently deceased Mum’s beloved car. Regularly driven until last year, when it was SORNed, the mileage is approx. 53k. Our family would love to sell to an Audi enthusiast! Gregor
  12. Hi. New member here. On my second Audi, 1st was a 1990 100 turbo type44 saloon. Now I own an 2008 A4 Avant B8 V6 tdi s-line in Meteor Grey (as well as 2 other VAG vehicle's). Already posted about my Multitronic issue. Which is concerning me. All the best Andy
  13. Hi Everyone I've just bought a second had Audi A4 (2011) which I love so far. Only problem is with the AUX connection in the center arm rest. The plastic surround has broken away so I'm just left with a loose wire with a jack on the end. Does anyone know what the proper name is for the plastic surround and where i could get a replacemet? Thanks in advance Ross
  14. Evening all, So i've always been a Vdub owner and as of the 08/11 i'll be owning my first Audi which is an A4 2.0 TDI S line Special Edition i've attached a picture of the car below: the car is a 10 plate with FSH, timing belt done and has 89k on the clock i know the picture the bonnet looks dinted but it's not just the lighting any advise is appreciated also hi.
  15. Hi All, I have a 2006 A4 Cab with the RNSE head unit in, no handsfree from the factory, so looking to add this and music streaming if possible. Anyone have any recommendations at all, or am i better replacing the whole head unit. I'm not bother by the nav as use google maps always anyway. just looking to be able to make and take calls, stream music and in an ideal world add usb playback, but that's not essential
  16. Starty


    Hi I have an A4 cabriolet 2.0 TSi 2008 plate. For a while now the car does not start when it displays the self levelling/range headlight symbol. If it does eventually start and the symbol disappears, I often have the engine management light on and the EPC light. If I turn the ignition off it often clears it and the car is fine. Other times when it starts the brake warning light comes on. It often happens when parked on slopes. I have tried removing the fuse for the lights, and this worked for a while, but now does not work. Sometimes playing with various switches enables the levelling light to disappear and it starts. Dipstick has lost its rubber seal, this caused the engine management light to be on last but was cleared with a poke or two. The car is currently in a car park as it would not start tonight. Any help greatly appreciated. Mark
  17. Good Evening Ladies & Gents, I’ve noticed my front nearside suspension is creaking. The creaking is becoming more frequent as time goes on and before I begin buying parts I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of where it could be coming from? Also, since this issue has occurred, when driving around 70mph the steering wheel begins to shake. Could this be linked to it as well? Please see the attached video! Thank you! 4B319C1E-01A0-4558-948E-6CBA7B620C3E.MOV
  18. Hi All, I am new to this forum, and i'm writing this to see if anyone can help me diagnose a problem with my car, an Audi A4 B7. The problem i have is that the rear number plate lights are both not working. I previously had LED bulbs in them and randomly they both shut off, which is unusual because if a bulb is bad the one that's bad will turn off. I changed the bulbs for some original halogen ones and still nothing. Only when i start the engine they turn on and the boot must stay closed to keep them on, as soon as i open the boot they both turn off and refuse to come on. Then if close the boot, turn the lights off and on again from the inside switch, absolutely nothing. I then looked for a fuse and couldn't find one, i removed the comfort module fuse (20amp yellow), and reinstalled it to have the bulbs turn on again. If i turn the engine off and return later on they don't come on, and i need to remove the fuse and reinstall the fuse again to turn them back on. Also if i swap the bulbs for different ones they work, but the same problem persists they turn off when the engine turns off and don't come back on. I've had this problem for a couple of weeks, and wondering if anyone is having the same problem or knows a way round this, as the MOT is also coming up soon. Thanks Suhail
  19. Hi Everyone, My name is Simon, I have just joined the forum as a proud Audi owner, nice to meet you all. I own a 2014 Audi A4 B8.5 3.0TDI quattro Avant with sports suspensions (but not air suspensions), I love it, but something bothers me. I have recently noticed that the rear passenger side suspension is 1cm higher than the rear driver side by measuring the distance between the center of the wheel and the wheel arch on many flat surfaces with the same result. The car never had an accident. I brought it in at an Audi dealer, they found out that the left rear damper has been replaced under warranty in 2018 before I bought the car so they said that the problem could be because one damper was new and the other still "old". Replaced the right damper (the "old" one), the issued was not solved, still 1cm higher on the left. Replaced the springs with new ones, issue still there. Verdict: The car is fine, up to 1cm difference between suspensions is tolerated by Audi and considered normal. Has anyone noticed or experienced anything like this? I know it's not a massive issue but should I just accept it and leave with it? I have tried to search for the same issue but I haven't found anything like this, sorry in advance if this was already discussed. Simo
  20. Just had the MOT done and it failed on a Nearside Rear Brake Light and passenger side windscreen wiper failure. The wiper ball joint is worn so it comes off, clipped it back on and changed bulb job done. Had advisories for ball joints not excessive and an advisory for rear sub frame. The car has done 17 thousand miles in the last year I've had the Cam Belts Tension and risers done as well as the water Pump fitted at same time. Alternator Belt and Tensioner replaced HT leads and spark plugs replaced. Front exhaust expansion pipe broke and replaced Rear Sub Frame bolt snapped and repaired (Nearly wrote car off when it happened my heart was in my !Removed!) New Battery 8 Tyres 2 on the front and 6 on the back. The passenger window has failed makes a grinding noise when trying to operate via switch, used to fall down but some lolipop sticks sorted that one Passenger wiper not working The handbrake failed one day and it rolled off and hit a wall small scrape down passenger side Someone drove into it in the car park and left it with a broken front offside indicator Intermittent ABS light Front lamp failure warning lights, rear brake light failure warning light are constantly flashing Stills leaks water on passenger side Still a formidable car in my opinion despite its issues.... Happy Motoring All.
  21. For sale A4 convertible 88000 miles ,long m.o.t automatic 2.5 petrol . Good condition has slight lacquer fade on drivers wing , all eletric work as they should . 07772966347 Hastings
  22. Hello everyone, As a fan of all things audi I thought it's only right to join a forum or club. My local clubs are let's say, financed warranty wannabes. Looking for a forum with a mix of cars and ages of cars, people etc and came across AOC. Had a read through some of the chats and guides and thought yes this is the one for me! Anyway, I am a mechanic, I live in Tamworth staffs, I work on landrovers and jaguars for a living, purely because it pays the bills, but I have always had a passion for VAG, 😂. Only owned 1 Ford in the last 13 year's.. I have owned several vw and audi models, mostly older. A3 a4 golf tt a6 etc I have worked on and fixed a variety of issues and faults from electrical to mechanical on most of the range apart from the really new stuff. So hopefully I have some knowledge that I can share with you guys and gals in return for the knowledge I have taken from here in recent months. Anyway, be nice to chat and maybe even see some faces of likeminded people at a future Audi meet. Chris The Brummie Mechanic
  23. Afternoon, New Audi buyer here, not picked the car up yet, but pick up the keys in a couple of days. I've come over from a Golf R, and got myself a really sweet 2015 A4 2.0 TDI S-line Black Edition +. This will be my 4th VAG car, my first Audi though. Was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of things to keep an eye on with car? Have had a browse through the forum and nothing leaps out and grabs my attention, which I hope is a good sign. Also, Do you have any meets/road trips/Breakfast runs etc.? I live in Suffolk and could not see anything on the forum about meets in the east of the country. Am happy to travel anywhere. Have a good evening everyone.
  24. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has purchased the Audi Music Interface, I want to play videos the monitor but tried on SD card and not had any luck in various formats. A few youtube videos have mentioned the Audi Music Interface cable. Has anyone tried? Or know anyone that's got the cable? Thanks Hass
  25. I thinks that updating the mmi will corrupt the mmi and have knock on effects and not allow me ever to drive the car again. and that there is no way of putting the car back because I dont have the orignal firmware disc. is this true?