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  1. Hi. Looking at buying A1 1.6 tdi. Full history etc cam elt done etc . Went to test It, there is a misfire when cold. White smokes. Any one had any issues. It' done 56k it' a 2011. Thanks Rob
  2. Hi. Judder on take up of drive when stationary. Rob
  3. Sorry. It's an auto. I've done what you said and speaking to a few companies. Just wondered if anyone had used one.
  4. Does anyone know of a transmission recon specialist. Cheers Rob
  5. See my post in A7 section. Remove and chrome wrap.
  6. Hi. Does anyone know the tracking setting for the A7 2012 3.0ltr. Cheers Rob
  7. I think under the consumer law you have to give them the opportunity to try and fix it within a specified time. If they don't then you can take it further. Make sure you log and document everything. Dates/ times/ who you spoke to etc. Hope this may help
  8. The door ones just lift up. Held in by couple of clips. The rear window one is a little tricky to come off. You have to get behind trim and ease it out of rubber, without bending it. It is quite tight. On the A7, the top main trim along the roof is riveted on. You need to remove all seals and remove revits. Well worth the hard work though. Saved many hundreds of pounds.
  9. Yeah. They all plastic with chrome effect/ black. Go on YouTube. It shows you how to do it, however I removed mine from the car for better finish. Make sure you clean them thouroghly. Use a hair dryer/heat gun to warm and stretch it were needed. Use a sharp blade. Mine look ace now. Like new. Take your time and it will save you a fortune.
  10. Hi everyone. Just a little help. If your chrome trims go discoured/ stained , which is common apparently. Don't buy new. Full set £900. 00. I just removed mine and wrapped them. Cost around £50. Make sure you get good wrap. I've enclosed a picture. Hope it helps. Rob
  11. Mine does the same. Stops up til you restart or go above certain speed. I would say it's fine.