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  1. Martyn85

    Speed wheel sensor issue

    Light haven’t come on now for a few days and was driving the car today and noticed that only the yellow steering light was on, so did the basic setting one full turn left right back in the middle and bang lights out and power steering back. Not all that concerned about the sensor as I know the abs works I just needed it sorted to calibrate the steering assist so all good now
  2. Martyn85

    Speed wheel sensor issue

    I’ll have another look and give them a good rubbing over then. Thanks for the tip
  3. Martyn85

    Speed wheel sensor issue

    Sensor looks good tho, disconnected it sprayed a load of contact cleaner on it but still getting the fault?
  4. Martyn85

    Speed wheel sensor issue

    Hi, shot in the dark I was wondering if anybody could shed some light I got a rear wheel speed sensor fault, mechanical failure I’ve looked at the sensor and all seems ok. Could this fault be down to the pick up ring on the wheel bearing or the wheel bearing itself? I have attached the Ross tech print out for everyone to look at. Need to it sorted so I can calibrate my steering angle. Hope somebody can help. Thanks
  5. Martyn85

    Management light, EGR, Coil light, DPF

    Had same problem with mine, dpf was fully blocked, I would go down the dpf remove and egr delete, car would then have to be remapped total cost is between £350-£500. Never had a problem since
  6. Martyn85

    ESP fault

    Hi guys, just wanted to know if anybody else has had the same problem as me, I disconnected my battery a few weeks to connect up my sub etc but didn’t end up connecting it at that point, put everything back together then obviously I know once the battery has been disconnected you get the esp fault up with the yellow steering wheel which is steering angle calibration. Now I’ve done a couple of hundred miles and the light still won’t go out. Fault code is still steering angle sensor. Has anybody had this issue before? The lights on getting on my nerves a bit now. Thanks
  7. Martyn85

    Speakers sub and amp advice

    Anybody know the best place to run the power cable from the battery please? Got the glovebox out taken the battery out but just can’t seem to find anywhere to put the cable through
  8. Martyn85

    Speakers sub and amp advice

    Can I tap into the blue wire that’s plugged in at the moment or have I got to run it from the battery? Or will the rear speakers work if I just connect the blue wire from the actual amp?
  9. Martyn85

    Speakers sub and amp advice

    Right hope somebody can help with this I’m going to install myself, just one thing I checked the wiring in my unit (company put it in for me) the remote amp wire (blue) is connected, think this has something to do with getting the rear speakers to work, am I right in thinking that if I run my sub with built in amp would the rear speakers still work when I swap the blue wire running from the amp?
  10. Martyn85

    Speakers sub and amp advice

    I’ve already installed a new unit but want a bit better sound from it that’s why I’m going for a extra two speakers control by a amp but my aswell put in a small sub don’t want to go to big like you mentioned about boot space. You can get the sub to switch off with ignition if wired up properly if I remember correctly but I don’t I’ll fit it I’ll just have a audio specialist to set it all up lol!
  11. Hi all me again. Just wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction. Today I bought some 6x9 speakers so I thought I would go down the sub and amp route. Anybody have any idea what watt sub and app I should get? I was thinking of getting a sub with a built in amp. Attached photos of the two I’ve narrowed it down to. By the way the speakers I bought are 120W
  12. Martyn85

    New head unit install

    Yes here they are mate. The first one is on start up looks good with the Audi badge. Onto the next now. Going to start a new thread new some advice on speakers lol!
  13. Martyn85

    New head unit install

    All installed now took it to a professional installer lol! Didn’t need the harness adapter either not quite sure what he done but it’s all working fine. Onto the next project now
  14. Martyn85

    New head unit install

    Hope somebody can, Ive installed the unit all works fine apart from rear speakers don’t work. The last photo I’ve put up I’ve been told will get the speakers to work. Does anybody know about this before I order one. Thanks
  15. Martyn85

    New head unit install

    You mean on the back of the unit? Not sure about them yet I don’t think they will be needed. It’s hopefully being delivered tomorrow so I’m just going to use the connections that come with it and see what happens. Will keep you updated