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  1. New head unit install

    Hope somebody can, Ive installed the unit all works fine apart from rear speakers don’t work. The last photo I’ve put up I’ve been told will get the speakers to work. Does anybody know about this before I order one. Thanks
  2. New head unit install

    You mean on the back of the unit? Not sure about them yet I don’t think they will be needed. It’s hopefully being delivered tomorrow so I’m just going to use the connections that come with it and see what happens. Will keep you updated
  3. New head unit install

    They sent me a link to the one in the photo but I just don’t trust many people on eBay lol! No no don’t have bose system but do have rear speakers which is confusing me a little if I’m honest
  4. New head unit install

    Hi guys, hoping somebody can help me with this, just bought a new sat nav stereo for my a3 it’s a direct replacement but the buyer said I will need a adapter for the rear speakers to work but not sure which adapter will attach some photos to show which ones I got my eye on and also the wiring that’s with the unit.
  5. A3 driver door won’t open. HELP!!

    Well here is the fault, broken wire but not a easy job. Didn’t do it myself had a mate to do it but he said what a b*****d or a job to do cut the door card to try and release the door but no joy so in the end he took the rear door off and released the front door with a screwdriver from the back. Not quite done it, ordered a new door card today and will hopefully be job done by Tuesday. Hope nobody else will get a problem like this because it’s real headwork lol!
  6. Have a look at it. You can get the gps adapter for it doesn’t come with it but then there’s no need to connect your phone for sat nav use. There’s loads of eBay for auction with some coming with the gps antenna.
  7. I’m also on the look and thinking of getting the pioneer sph-da120. It’s a apple play CarPlay unit and also android. It has a lot of good reviews and if you want a sat nav and hands free calling it’s through your apple phone or android device. Give it a google it also doesn’t have no cd slot either
  8. A3 driver door won’t open. HELP!!

    Sorry that was no joy, door still not open. Got a mate having a look at it today I hope
  9. A3 driver door won’t open. HELP!!

    Just gave that a try with joy. Back to the drawing board. It’s strange because it opened fine when I went to work at half 5 this, went out to my car and half 9 and it wouldn’t open
  10. A3 driver door won’t open. HELP!!

    Put some wd40 in the lock, didn’t put any on the key tho and haven’t tried wiggling it. I’ll give that a go
  11. A3 driver door won’t open. HELP!!

    No that won’t work either
  12. Hi all, I have a 2007 a3 sline sportback and today I went to get in the car and the driver door won’t unlock and I’m tearing my hair out just can’t seem to find what’s wrong. All other doors unlock and open perfect but drivers door won’t budge from inside or outside. It will be a real problem as the windows won’t even open and I need access through the window or door to get in and out of work. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi all, has anyone had any experience changing the a3 concert double din stereo for a aftermarket double din? I have a 2007 sline sportback, just wondering if there’s anything extra to get apart From the iso harness adapter seen a video on YouTube with a bloke running a live to the fuse box. Don’t really want to do that, thinking of getting the unit below. Thanks
  14. Headlight Removal

    Well they done guys. Thanks for the advice was a pig of a job took around 2 hours and like you said it was bumper off but I’m happy with them and love the look
  15. Headlight Removal

    Ahhhh ffs really didn’t want to take the bumper off. Why do they make things so difficult, a half hour job changing lights usually. Oh well thanks guys will post a photo up when they are fitted. Thanks again