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  1. I saw the lights on their stand, they look really good. How much are they of you dont mind me asking?
  2. Here's my A4 Avant that I collected last week. It's a 40th Birthday present off the wife and kids
  3. I have only had mine a week, but the Audi dealer did give me a bottle of oil with the car and told me just to check monthly and top up as needed.
  4. I was just watching the Midlands news and there's a big increase in keyless start car thefts, especially Audis. I have one of those wallets to put my key in so it doesn't transmit a signal, but I wondered if anyone uses a Steering wheel lock and if so which one and what do you think? I have read the ones that cover the whole wheel are the best but they look heavy and bulky and a pain in the !Removed! to use every day.
  5. Haha thanks, I didn't think I would be missed because I hadn't been on here long. The A1 is still in the family as well because I let my brother have it for the trade-in value. We are hopefully both coming to Audi's in the Park.
  6. I haven't been on here for 6 months. To cut a long story short. I was having really bad shoulder problems so replaced my Audi A1 with a Ford CMax because it was automatic and in my price range. My shoulder is now sorted and I find the CMax so boring to drive and look at. I am so excited because it's my 40th Birthday in a few weeks and my wife told me to treat myself to a car I like to own again. So on the way home from work today I bought a 2016 Audi A4 Avant Sport 1.4 TFSI. It is so nice to drive. I pick it up on Tuesday 😁😁😁 It's good to be back.
  7. Hello I have a pair of genuine A1 rubber mats for sale (set of 4) Get in touch if you want to make me an offer. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222851424564
  8. hahaha Both - I only wash my hair when I wash the car.
  9. I watched it for the first time on TV this last season. The British round is at Silverstone for the first time this year. I am tempted to go and watch http://www.silverstone.co.uk/events/speedmachine-fia-wrx-championship/
  10. Mine is the same. I am washing it tomorrow because I cant take it any longer!!
  11. As the others have said the boot protectors are good, they are self adehsive. I had one of these on my Mini to cover scratches. I am considering one for my A1 to protect the paint. https://www.directcarparts.co.uk/car-accessories-c4/bumper-protectors-c29/audi-t29
  12. A smoke grey colour would look good. *edit* the colour I mean is anthracite
  13. The clay bar made a huge differences on my A1, this was it after polish and seal.
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