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  1. I have contacted BBC Watchdog and will await a reply if any. I have also sent them a copy of this link so we will see what happens. hopefully something will be done. James, Did you contact Watchdog? did you get a reply? and any update Dunlop? Cheers Chris
  2. Hi James & welcome. Sorry to hear you are having the same issues. Like yourself I had 2 full sets of tyres split. As I only had video and photographic evidence Dunlop refused to admit fault. However, as Dunlop are now admitting that there is indeed issues with their tyres then perhaps there is a legal argument that can be made? It’s scary to think that the small number that have found this forum and raised their concerns. Undoubtedly there are1000’s more of these cars and tyres on the road & It will only be a matter of time before statistics come into play there will be a catastrophic failure of these tyres resulting in serious injuries or worse. Especially seeing they are the cheaper tyre for sale on most tyre websites. Chris.
  3. Mike, Im Glad that you got a response, but to say that this was an inconvenience is somewhat of an understatement. The tyres have clearly failed. I too replaced all four tyres with Continentals as I also refused point blank to have Dunlops fitted & for an extra £10 its worth it for the safety factor and piece of mind. Simon, did you manage to get your issue resolved with Dunlop ? due to the fact my tyres were disposed of I had no way of supporting my claim... lesson learned. bottom line is that I am happy that this issue has been highlighted and that others have been checked and had the defective tyres replaced with a superior alternative. Anyway... I have now taken delivery of a new A7 55 TFSI with Pirelli P zero's 😉 still 275 30 21.... hopefully there are no issues with these!
  4. Simon / dy555395, I was looking at upgrading my 245 to the 272 so I am very interested on how you got on. Has this been resolved ? Cheers S
  5. Sherlock, Push and hold the button until it starts to retract then you can let go of the button and it will continue. as you mentioned if the engine has been switched off and restarted (not via stop /go if you have this option) it will also auto retract at 10mph, the same speed as the auto door lock is engaged. it is also alleged that the spoiler will raise automatically at 85 mph. it will then auto retract at once you drop below 50mph. Cheers, Skull.
  6. I had Dunlops Sport Maxx GT on my A7, 275 30 21 from new. when I first replaced the tyres I was informed there there was cuts in the tyre on the inside... to be honest I thought it was due to the machine removing the tyres from the rims that caused this. I replaced the tyres like for like. 18 months later my car was going for its MOT and I get a call from Audi saying that my tyres are in a dangerous condition. I immediately thought foreign objet as I checked the tyres prior to putting my car for its MOT and there was plenty of wear left.. but they sent me a video of the technician checking the tyres out and low and behold it was the inside of the tyres splitting again! i was gob smacked that this has happened to me twice on two different sets of tyres. I immediately got them replaced with continentals. which were slightly more expensive. I contacted Dunlop about this just to inform them that this has happened to me on two full sets of tyres and was wondering if there is a known issue. but as I never kept the tyres to send them Dunlop dismissed it. The question I have is.... has anyone else had this issue ? and if any one has the type of tyre have a check of the inside .... better safe than sorry. Cheers C
  7. This could be a long shot but I had s similar problem on a Vauxhall omega ....... yeah I know.... but your symptoms sound the same. The issue I had was the torque converter in the gearbox, which I will be honest was going to cost a fortune to repair. now I don't know the tech specs of gearboxes etc but its a starting point to give to the technician. Cheers, S