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  1. Going to work on Thursday last week the car started driving "oddly", changing gears really eagerly, the throttle pedal went "soft" and the glow plug light started flashing. No other warnings. I pulled over, restarted and all was fine. During the day it did it 3 other times. I took it to a mate who ran a diagnostic on the car and there were 3 underboost faults. I noticed that the "lid" for the airbox was off. Fixed that. As the car has 58k (FSH, oil change very 9k) I thought it may benefit from a Terraclean so took it to a friends garage. The car behaved on the way down. Whilst under the bonnet he noticed a load of soot next to the turbo on the suspension mount and the turbo casing itself. There was 1% soot loading. It's going back in on Thursday to investigate the soot but as yet has not thrown a light. Could the airbox lid have caused it to throw a light? I read the thread with the other FL 2.0Tdi that had the soot in the engine bay but he rejected the car so there was no further work carried out. Anyone else had this? Thanks
  2. On other forums this same thing has popped up a couple of times. In each case, it was the battery and replacing it cured the issue. Hope this helps.
  3. It's a known issue with the manual box. I had 3 clutches and 2 DMFs replaced under warranty on my last A6, one failed within 3000 miles of being replaced. Mine was particularly bad in damp weather first thing in the morning but got progressively better as the day went on. In the end, the 3rd replacement was showing signs of juddering again so I got rid and bought at multitronic car. That's not a great box but better than the manual. Sorry to give you that news, but if your car has FASH I'd be trying for a goodwill allowance from Audi UK
  4. In 13k miles, my average is 43.1. I have only ever seen 50mpg once.
  5. My advice, based on experience, avoid the manual.
  6. Mine are in the central storage compartment under the armrest
  7. Just a quick update, 6 months later and both of my (non genuine) door lights are working 100%
  8. Pit 10l in mine today, these cars are heavy users of the stuff. 17l in 8k miles isn't great
  9. If it were me, I'd use the indy. Get a good quality replacement belt and do the waterpump at the same time. I have never fitted a genuine replacement and have done many thousands of miles in many cars with no issues whatsoever.
  10. Over £400 IIRC. Has to be programmed to the car via a link to Audi HQ whilst the car is plugged in and they re-code your other key and ECU at the same time.
  11. The oil should be changed at 38000 miles. I wouldn't be messing around, it would be straight back for a refund
  12. The new A8 is 48v as will all future Audi's also be.
  13. See if you can get a set of Black Edition wheels, they look great IMHO. Replicas can be bought for under £600 a set plus tyres.
  14. I use 3. £9 month for U/L minutes and texts and 4GB data.