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  1. Thank-you for the detailed reply..seems like you know a lot about this. I get the good/bad assessor aspect as it was similar with my Driving Instructor, so it will be pot-luck to who will show-up. Your experience has put me a little bit at ease (not the £1300 part), but your description has helped. Settlement for my car is around £17,000 and value is £14,300 so my mindset is that the Finance company will Invoice me over silly things to help make up the difference. I've Voluntary Terminated to save money and now I have the Audi A3 Black Edition, which is a lot cheaper, I am trying to save money and I guess I'm more concerned about the assessment than I should be. I can afford a few hundred but definitely nowhere near the £1000 marker. Car is being assessed and collected this coming Monday. I just want it over with. Thank-you for your kind assistance.
  2. Thank-you for the reply. It has eased my mind a little, cheers. I'm probably worrying over nothing as my mind-set is on the Finance Company Invoicing me for things to make up the £3000 loss etc. Ive never had an assessment before and with this social distancing, I cannot be anywhere near the assessor plus they are allowed to sign the paperwork on my behalf of which I understand because of the COVID thing but not because it will not be my signature.
  3. Hi all, Next week, I have a team coming to inspect and collect my A6 as its being handed back to the Finance Company. I have read the fair Wear/Tear booklet that was provided to me and I know I have the odd few stone chips (nothing major) but the car is in good condition from my own assessment. Looking on all alloys, I have no obvious kerb damage and no scrapes but on one of the front alloys, I have noticed a few light scratches and just wanted someones opinion as to whether this will be picked up and will go against me following the assessment. I have uploaded three photos but photo 02 is a zoomed in image of photo 01. I appreciate your time and assistance. Kind Regards Wesley
  4. I agree, get the battery checked. Had a battery replaced on my late-2016 A6 as the original one gave out after 3 1/2 years but was told the original battery was problematic from the start and was known for giving off incorrect fault codes and computer system faults. Under 3-yrs old the battery is under Warranty, after that, it is classed as a wear and tear item and I had to pay £250 for a replacement by Audi Roadside Assistance as having Audi Extended Warranty does not cover battery replacement.
  5. Not an issue. With my A6, the pop out screen would not display anything despite the car being up and running and driving. Screen would flicker at times. Navigation would be hit and miss to whether it loaded as often it stated no Navigation Medium Installed although the SD card was present. Media files would play and then stop randomly. Playing music through Bluetooth to iPhone wouldn’t always work. Car Bluetooth settings would play about. In almost 4-years, the only issue with the car was the MMI system. Definitely had a mind of its own. I have recently had a new battery fitted to the vehicle and since then, the MMI has worked every time with no glitches. The Audi Roadside Assistance guy advised me the battery fitted on my car originally was known for causing error codes and random computer faults as it was part of a dodgy batch but was still put on to the car in Germany back in 2016. Maybe get a free battery check to see if there are any faults there.
  6. My 2016 A6 had issues with the MMI screen not displaying and would also disconnect from Bluetooth often and randomly and even turn it off. Was a frequent visit to the Audi Service Centre (under Warranty) to investigate but nothing was found, even though I showed the Audi team videos of the system playing up. I believed they removed and reinstalled new MMI software and updates as a new 2016 Maps SD Card had to be replaced and set-up to the car and with the software updates, they also added a function to power fold mirrors when you lock the car with the key fob, which wasn't there before. Even after that, still played up a bit but I do believe the computer software is very glitchy on the A6.
  7. Thanks for the screenshot..that is what I saw in my User Manual too. I think with the *symbol, I guess it means optional. I would have liked the folding mirrors and tilting feature but as long as the mirrors work normally, then I guess its all good. 6-months was a bit of a wait but I can see where the compromise aspect lies but if you are happy, then that is what matters. My first Audi, a late-2014 A4 was built to my spec' but only had the Technology pack. Wasn't sure I could have afforded it, but turns out, I wish I had purchased the Black Edition A4, still a regret of mine. My late-2016 A6 was already built (standard) and unregistered and I am the only one on the log-book. With the A3, it was already built and was purchased used but I am more than happy with the features and the way it looks and drives.
  8. Hey fella, no need for an apology, but thanks. It should be a standard feature on all cars, but looking on my specs, I cannot seem to find the tilt feature stated.
  9. Hey fella, you were clear with your instructions, so thank-you. The procedure is the same as on my A6, so I am doing everything correctly. I just do not think this 'tilt' action is a function on my A3 as no matter which selection of the rotary switch, neither wing mirror will tilt down once the Reverse gear is selected. On my Wing Mirror rotary switch panel, there are only 4 options (Left Mirror, Zero, Right Mirror and Heated Mirrors). There is no function for electronically folding the mirrors like on some other A3's.
  10. Nothing wrong with the wing mirror itself. The rotary controls work fine. On the A6, when reverse is selected, the nearside wing mirror tilts automatically as part of the memory function set-up. Using the rotary switch manually is something I will have to adjust too. Even noticed the heavy steering on the test drive but maybe its because of the 18-inch alloys or sports suspension. I know a few reviews from popular car websites stated the steering issue as a negative factor but still gives the car a great review. But, I am loving the A3 and I do think I have chosen the right car especially if it saves me money each month.
  11. I am new to the A3 section but not on this website as I post a few things in the A6 C7 forums but that car is being handed back to the Finance Company ASAP and instead, I have downgraded to a late-2019 Audi A3. On paper this A3 will be saving me a few hundred notes each month of which is the main reason for the change, plus I do more short journeys now and not ideal for the diesel A6. A3 Sportback 35 TFSI Black Edition S-Tronic (PS). 69-Plate. Quantum Grey and only had 3400 miles on the clock from new. It has the high Tech' pack (Bang & Oulfsen system and Virtual Cockpit). I have only had the car a few days and so far, its an excellent car and very solid with the sports suspension. Only two downsides, in Comfort mode, the steering is still heavy and also, when reversing, the nearside wing mirror does not lower to see the kerb automatically when Reverse gear is selected. Okay, I lose a few luxuries off the existing A6 (leather seats, electric seats and the 750-miles to empty range after filling up), but that is not going to spoil things for me. Many apologies if this is posted in the wrong section of the forums.
  12. Hi Gareth, Its cool, I'll leave them as they are and make more of an effort to move the vehicle more often. Cheers
  13. I guess starting the car makes sense. Its a new battery so will be much more reliable. The tyres were the other issue I was concerned about - flat spots but I will make more effort to move the car more frequently or even let the tyre pressures down. I did ask the Audi Roadside Assistance and they stated to use Mode 1 but I might send the charger back, but seems too much hassle but i'll decide shortly. Cheers