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    (17 plate) Generation II Q5 S-line, 2.0l diesel 190bhp, Monsoon Grey with black leather diamond stitched seats, electric adjust and lumber support front heated seat & rear seat plus (slide forward for more boot space). Tech Advance Pack, Navigation Plus, MMI Plus, Cruise Control, high beam assist, front & rear parking sensors. Advanced Key Entry, 20’ Rims, hill hold assist, folding & heated memory mirrors, Panoramic Sunroof, B&O 3D sound system & some extra add ons after purchase - Autoglym lifeshine on interior & bodywork, Vodafone Cat6 tracker, front and rear nextbase cameras, Audi 4 ring door puddle LED’s.
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  1. Hi. Can you take a pic of the XS max phonecase sitting in the phone box so we can see how well it fits? i have the XS and XR but didn’t go for XS-Max because I believed it wouldn’t fit. Many thsnks.
  2. But, IPhone XR does fit in the phonebox
  3. These turned out to be ideal and highly recommend them to anyone with a Q5
  4. Hi. The XS only just fits. XS max would not fit.
  5. They kind of fit okay. Look okay will give them a fair chance to stay on.
  6. The long story is nearly over They have a fair and decent Manager at the dealership, I luckily took pictures of the car when I dropped it off. Those pics proved the scratches and damage when I collected the car were not caused by me they are repairing the damage and gave me a full tank of fuel car is back healthy again so nothing too bad to be upset about thankfully it’s summer!
  7. Seems strange as I believe the Mk2 deflectors cost the same £90 for 4 deflectors, £110 delivered, yet they send 2016 model items that apparently fit why not just have a webpage that says all models have the same deflectors as the window size and doors are the same sizes Hmmmmm. Have I been conned. https://www.weathertecheurope.com/uk/audi/2016/q5/side-window-deflectors/ Same price for both Mk1 and Mk2 hooefully they feckin fit I’ll let y’all know
  8. Hi All Just had the front and rear deflectors arrive from Italy, I can’t fit them to the car as it’s in the dealership being mended - but, I’ve ordered Mk2 2nd Gen 2018 deflectors from them. As confirmed in the below receipt, yet the parts that arrived say 2016 model?? Are the windows exactly the same in Mk1 and Mk2 Q5’s? Side Window Deflectors # 82872 Audi 2018 Q5 Set: Front & Rear Set Color: Dark Vehicle Options: Generation: 2nd Generation £90.00 With delivery £110
  9. HI Paul, It’s an Audi dealership! car was plastered with bird crap too! so I’ve emailed them to clean it off ASAP as that’s what my lifeshine guarantee demands. Not to leave bird poo on the paintwork. They will have to pay a fair few pounds to the hire company for the car I have.
  10. Ok. The memory card started wiping older files as 90 videos of the car with bonnet up were recorded overnight - that’s the first batch of videos on the 24th May. Battery died at 04.15am 25th May. They somehow left the ignition on all day and night - maybe left the door open? The Audi tech then jump started it at 8.15am when they came into the garage, leaves the battery to a charger for 2 hours and takes but and pieces apart but does nothing else Have footage on laptop of them then driving car with an awful noise coming from the engine bay - which wasn’t there when I drove the car. Then they park it’s up and leave it get covered with bird droppings until I came along today on the 27th May Ive put the memory cards back in the cams. and will see what my tracker tells me next!
  11. Ok. Battery died at 04.15am as they somehow left the ignition on all day and night they jump started it at 8.15am when they came into the garage Have footage on laptop of them then driving car with an awful noise coming from the engine bay - which wasn’t there when I drove the car. Ive put the memory cards back and will see what my tracker tells me next!
  12. Okay. Been to the dealership. The reason my app showed low battery on the car is because they left the ignition on all night - I now have approx 70 x 5 minute videos of the bonnet up and no movement whilst the garage was closed overnight. Also some nice videos of their driving, talking about my car and guessing what might be wrong. The worst part, is knowing my battery was almost drained - ignition / coils etc just heating up for no reason until 10am the next day. Will copy all videos onto my laptop then put the cams back later.
  13. I’m just trying to stay cool and be a devils advocate at the moment. The dashcam on the front is the one of most interest to me as it’s not too obvious and built into the rear view mirror. Hopefully as it’s hardwired in they didn’t turn it off. I know there is no need to do so much mileage in car with a drive system malfunction alert. ill be checking the whole car - which was in showroom condition, when I go tomorrow.
  14. Can’t wait to see the dashcam footage I know they’ll say they were test drives to diagnose the fault. If that is the case, why so many tests at high speed on public roads. Use a rolling road for tests like this!