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    Keeping this car and not being robbed by the dealer on services and repairs
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  1. Update: I discovered that the rear of the sunroof has a tilt function - and that works 😀. The problem was the configuration of the CA Module - has to be reset by Audi technician. £65 diagnostic check to tell me what I already knew £200 to reset the config/settings. Basically, daylight robbery.
  2. By the way. I added silicone grease as directed by the Audi sunroof YouTube vids and that made zero difference. The rails are fine, no evidence of any rub marks or anything in the rails/tracks. Nothing pops up about ‘pinch sensor’ when running the diagnostics during opening the sunroof. it’s just says ‘exiting due to safety issue’ and that it does not have the basic setting configured. I have no what’s wrong 🤔
  3. Hi. Sorry for late reply and no follow-up from me. I’ve had some personal issues to deal with. So, The latest is…… Using OBD11 the fault code for the control system of the sunroof says: CA B154354 which means Sunroof No basic setting. But when I look at the long code it shows as: 52 80 00 04 26 02, so there is a setting, but I can’t verify if it’s the correct setting and why the sunroof fails to recognise the coding. I’ve attempted the recalibration and the standardisation (where OBD11 tries to reset the sunroof) and it still stops dead after opening 2 inches There is nothing in the way or stuck on the rails/ tracks and I’m stumped. looks like I have to take it to an Audi or VW specialist……. gutted I couldn’t fix it myself! No idea what to do.
  4. I’m going to remove the sliding panel out of its track to visually inspect the rail it rides on. I believe there are 2 hex bolts at the back of the panel (which slides over the roof). I won’t be doing that until this 30 degree heat passes as I’m not wanting to melt. I’ll take some ‘how to’ pics as I do this home DIY 👍🏻🥃
  5. Okay. Used my OBDELEVEN module. Forgot I bought one for IOS as never used it! There are no issues detected with the sunroof, until I started the recalibration - by sliding the ‘slide to start’. Then it then failed due to ‘safety issue’ it popped up in red the second it stopped dead after it had opened just 2 inches. So at least all the sensors etc are working correctly. Doesn’t mention anything about the motors or sensors. I think one of the arms that lifts the sunroof up and back has seized because the silicone dried up. Or something is caught in the track - so I’ll have a dig around with a cotton bud - if I can fit it in the gap.
  6. Pulled out the fuse, also recalibrated it by holding the close button for 20 seconds. Both made no difference. i had used the sunroof a few days before the problem occurred, and had no issues with it before it fully seized. Can’t imagine the rail has failed - this happened during the 40 degree heatwave.
  7. This is 2nd generation so I’ll look for that fuse
  8. Thanks Steve. I will give that a try in about 20 mins! Thank you!
  9. I’m pretty sure the lube had dried up on the rails or the mechanism that lifts the sunroof up is seized. Edit: I’ve seen videos on YouTube of older Audi’s where the cabin light/ sunroof control console can be dropped out of the roof - revealing an Allan key or Hex key fitting - to manually control the sunroof and wind it open or closed depending on where it was stuck. I can’t see any videos or anything instructions online, on how to do it in a Gen2/MK2 Q5?
  10. Hi All. this started a week ago. The sunroof blind works fine. No issues at all. The sunroof does not open much - the motor sounds okay, it opens about 2 inches - upto the point where the wind deflector should start to rise up - then clunks and stops. It closes okay. seems to not be the motor as that doesn’t sound to be struggling at all. Lots of squeaks like it’s dry then a clunk and it stops dead, but I can’t get to the rail/ track to grease it. Does anybody know how to manually wind it open, on a 2018 MK2 FY model - so I can see the tracks and lube them up 🙂
  11. Hi. Can you take a pic of the XS max phonecase sitting in the phone box so we can see how well it fits? i have the XS and XR but didn’t go for XS-Max because I believed it wouldn’t fit. Many thsnks.
  12. But, IPhone XR does fit in the phonebox
  13. These turned out to be ideal and highly recommend them to anyone with a Q5
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