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  1. Yes I went out with them the first time it went in and as Sod’s law goes, neither noise occurred. It seems strange for any car to have creaky suspension as a characteristic. I’ll see what they say this time. The loose item that is rolling around irritates me more to be honest. God knows what it is or where it’s coming from. Thanks
  2. This is either Sod’s law or selective hearing by the dealers. My car is going in on Thursday for the 3rd time to see if they can hear a couple of noises (it was in for other things as well last time). Firstly, there is a very irritating rattle that sounds like a screw rolling around in the vicinity of the front centre armrest but more towards the back of the seats. It doesn’t always do it but it does happen more often than not. I suspect whatever it is gets wedged somewhere occasionally which is why it is not constant. If I accelerate, brake or go around a corner, there it is rolling around and yet the dealer says they can’t hear a thing. If I knew how to remove bits of trim, I’d go looking for it myself but I’d probably end up breaking bits of trim! Secondly, I’m getting creaking from the front suspension, particularly the drivers side. The top of our drive is on a slight slope and whenever I pull onto there, it does it every single time. The other day, I went over a speed bump on an incline at very low speed and the creak was very noticeable. Despite this, the dealers cannot hear a thing. I’m starting to think that as soon as the car runs out of warranty, the dealer will miraculously be able to hear these noises and draft a hefty bill!! Any experience with these noises or any opinions generally? Cheers
  3. I have a front wheel drive A3 with Avon WV7 winter tyres (back on summer tyres now) and laughed at all the snow too.
  4. Ok, Derby Audi phoned a short while ago to deliver two lots of bad news and one piece of excellent news. The fault is not covered by the warranty and the cost to me would be between £3k and £4k. Basically it needs a whole new glass roof and all components. Fortunately, Audi HQ and the sales team at the dealer are going to split the cost between them so I don’t have to part with anything. One positive review coming up on Google once I have it back around the 19th
  5. Yes good work. I just felt like a good old rant lol
  6. Here I am just browsing the forums and I spotted this. What a load of nonsense from Audi! I have a Thinkware dashcam hard wired in and have not been told anything of the sort by my dealer (as yet) and they are aware of it as it is in for a roof leak at the moment. They simply cannot void a warranty based on a dashcam being fitted. Furthermore, I would have reported them to trading standards for an aggressive commercial practice contrary to the consumer protection from unfair trading regulations. They are effectively forcing you to buy their expensive products by making such threats! I’m not a solicitor but I have a degree in law and consumer law is one of my areas of expertise.
  7. Yes it’s really good and the app is easy to use for downloading the footage. The garage said they would remove the camera from the window which just slides out of the holder as you know. They said it interferes with their diagnostic equipment. What they mean is they don’t want me spying on their workshop activities lol
  8. Right, the latest update is that there is still no word from the warranty people so it will be Monday before there is any decision. The engineer has confirmed that it is not the glass at fault and it is not down to something hitting the roof for example. It is a faulty part in the frame which has deteriorated and got worse until the rain is coming in excessively. One of the parts required is back in stock now so it should be a quicker process. Meanwhile my car is in their indoor car park for obvious reasons!
  9. Since back in early October (had the car late September) I’ve noticed wet carpets in the front footwells. At first I put it down to heavy rain and then of course we had a largely dry autumn. Only of late have we seen an increase in the frequency of rain. Besides, with rubber mats, who checks under the mats on a regular basis? Just before Christmas I noticed it was quite bad when I was vacuuming the car. So I’ve been drying the carpets out with the air con and heater every so often. Well I took the car to Audi today and as I drove along I noticed water dripping down from around the switches for the sunroof and interior light. I also noticed wet patches on the roof lining at the top of the pillars on both sides. So after meddling with it all day they have found the fault! The frame for the panoramic glass sunroof is fractured! They are going to contact Audi warranty tomorrow to ensure they will honour the claim (which may extend to new carpets if they have gone manky). The next problem is that the part required is on back order. This means that if I want my car back in the meantime, it'll still have the leaky roof or I just hang onto their courtesy car for however long it takes. They have given me a 67 plate A1 TDI DSG S-Line. Perfectly acceptable car but I’d like mine back soon. Let's see what happens tomorrow
  10. Yep. These are the ones:
  11. Oh yes! I had the Freelander 2 on winter tyres in the 2010 winter which actually started late November and into December. -17C was recorded on the car readout and much snow was duly ploughed through. Deepest snow for many years. Here are the videos: