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  1. There was an interesting documentary on ITV last night regarding how car crime is increasing. Although much of the increase is due to targeted burglaries where the keys are stolen, they also attributed the fact that many cars now have keyless entry and the availability of gadgets which can boost the signal from the key. The criminals are theoretically able to open and start the car while the key is still in te house. One of the security features manufacturers have developed is a motion sensor in the key which controls the radio signal. They showed a Mercedes where the key was placed on the bonnet of the car. The doors would not unlock until the key was picked up. I have just tested this with my A3 key and got the same result. Who knew?
  2. Hi Charlie I think the buzzing noise is normal. The buzz will be the electric motors applying the parking brake. I think i used to notice it more on my Tiguan, so maybe they have developed quieter motors.
  3. Hi Gayle The dynamic indicators should be standard on the Black Edition - at the rear only though. The front ones only come with the matrix LED headlights. On my S-Line the front DRLs change to orange when indicating.
  4. Hi Ryan Hope you are enjoying your new car. When I got mine I tried different settings with the gearbox and drive select to see what worked best. The virtual cockpit is great. There is more options to the sat nav with this option. You can plan journeys on your smartphone before you leave and the send the details to the car. You can search for things easily from the car - car parks, petrol stations etc. The Google Earth maps are a bit complicated though. I normally have full size speedo and rev counter with the map in the centre. It gives you warning of traffic queues and roadworks. If you are using the sat nav it gives the next direction in the speedo. If you are in town or near a complex junction you can easily switch to the full screen for more detail.
  5. Just tried again. I re-entered my user name and password for my Audi UK account and everything seems OK (at the moment anyway).
  6. I purchased my roofbars on eBay from an Audi dealer (can’t remember which one now) which were a little bit cheaper than the list price. They are good quality. The front one is easy to fit as there are locating holes in the door openings. The rear one a little fiddly as I have the 3 door so you have to prise back the rubber then line up the feet with an arrow on the window. Once fitted the bars are strong enough for my needs. I don’t have any experience of fitting a roof box, I’m afraid.
  7. Have you sorted your problem? Just a thought. Are you using a genuine Apple cable? I have bought some off eBay in the past and found them a bit hit and miss. Some are OK and others will charge the phone but not transfer data. Have you tried a different cable?
  8. I was just about to post a question about this. I had sent a destination from the app but could not find in in the MMI. Had to quickly find the post code and enter it manually - it was like being back in the dark ages 😳 The only thing different was I had changed my phone. Everything on the app had updated but I was wondering if I had to reconnect my phone to the navigation system somehow (I had connected it via Bluetooth) but I see the problem is with Audi’s servers. I have tried using the MyAudi app as suggested on another forum but that doesn’t work either.
  9. Hi Gareth Two different oils is a new one on me too. I’ve had service packages on my last two cars (a VW and a BMW) so have not had to pay for anything for about 8 years so the price of oil came as a bit of a shock. I hate to think what Audi would have charged for this!
  10. Just had mine in for an oil and filter change with a local independent garage. £191. He used two different oils - Synthetic (£88.47 + VAT) and Premium Synthetic (£18.98 + VAT). Not quite sure what is in these oils. Whatever happened to the days of a gallon of 20/50 for a fiver?
  11. Royleblue

    New A1 Sportback only, no diesels and strangely a mechanical handbrake.
  12. Interesting theory, Gareth. I had a problem with my X1 last year where the screen washer got blocked. As the reservoir was buried in the wheel arch and the pipes were hidden under the bonnet insulation it wasn’t the easiest fix. Phil
  13. The LED lighting pack is standard with the S-line.
  14. Not very big! My previous X1 went nearly 2 years before it needed topping up. The A3 needed filling after a couple of months. It usually takes about two and a half litres to fill it from when the warning light comes on (no headlight washers). It seems to use a lot of fluid with each wash.
  15. I opted for the Dynamic suspension after watching reviews that all seem to recommend this. The ride is generally good and handling does not seem to be to affected. The dealer should be able to tell you which is fitted to the car.