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  1. T3RRY


    Just a few pics after the car wash !!!!
  2. Thanks for the welcome Trevor Still trying to get through some of these forums topics! Also keep pressing different buttons on the MMI trying to get used to it ! ! ! Hope to have most of it sussed by weekend
  3. It is CD multichanger and SatNav side by side in the glove box The red light is on the SatNav but nothing on the CD changer It is the MMI basic I think No SatNav disc yet It is the red screen MMI unit
  4. Thanks guys for the welcome and the advice The radio and MMI are all working fine just cant load the cd unit. Tha Sat Nav next to it is lit up but no light on the CD? I have been going through the forums looking at relevent posts Some really good advice and you lads know your stuff! This VCDS scan sounds the way to go. I was going to book it in for a diagnostic at an independent they want £50 ? Is this the same thing? Regards T3RRY
  5. Hi, just joined so thought I would introduce myself! First Audi and so far I am pretty pleased with it. The CD multi changer is not lighting up? Its in the glovebox (2007) model? Is there a specific fuse for this? Regards T3rry
  6. HI.

    newbie here and 1st Audi I pick it up on Sunday

    I have always been a Lexus lover until now!

    I will be asking plenty of questions I'm sure.

  7. T3RRY


    S-Line (1).zipS-Line (1).zip
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