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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, hope everyone is well. Think I might be cursed with Audi cars. My recent A3 Sportback that was purchased as an Audi Approved Used car has now had its first minor damage, to the front bumper. Least I made it over 2-months. Just came off a slip road and in to lane 1, I was waiting for slow vehicles in the middle lane to pass and when clear, I moved across and saw a Jaguar XKR (or XK8) ride over something in the road but their tyre picked up the debris and it flung from the rear of the Jaguar in to my car. At the time, the noise was bad and knew it hit me but thought it went underneath and damaged the under tray, but upon an inspection a bit later at work, found the scrapes on my bumper and with this shade of grey, it is noticeable. There is damage underneath the bumper too. Captured this on my dashcam and even managed a screen grab of the item - a thin metal clasp loop. Looking back though, if I was further back it might have gone on the bonnet or even shattered the windscreen. With zero bodywork repair knowledge, I will have to take this to someone to repair but I hope the quotes are not too sickening.
  2. Hello everyone. Never posted on this forum myself but here goes. Was slowly pulling out a side road after a bus flashed me to go and got hit by a moped who narrowly overtook the bus and was blind to me and I was blind to him. Rider hit front right wing and flipped onto bonnet. Luckily damage wasn't too bad(could be worse) and the bumper and front right alloy wheel is fine, but the right wing is quite badly crumpled and there are a few fairly large dents on the bonnet. Moped rider said he will cover his own costs and since the damages were not worth making a claim, I am going to get the repairs done myself. I was wondering what kind of cost it will be to repair the bonnet, and whether it can be repaired easily or has to be completely replaced. I was planning on replacing just the wing for now and sorting out the bonnet later in summer but am not sure if it is better to get it all fixed in one go since paint may need to be blended into the panels(was going to buy wing as pre-painted part and fit it). Also I have some slight laquer peel on my rare bumper so maybe buying an unpainted wing, repairing the bonnet, then getting all 3 parts painted as well as blending into the door maybe a better idea, but have no idea what kind of costs it may come to. From what I know: Wing(unpainted)- £35 Wing(Painted)-£140 I can DIY fit it Bonnet(unpainted)-£110 needs to be painted and fitted professionally Bonnet REPAIR: £????? Sorry if I dragged this out but I'm struggling to make this decision. I appreciate any help! Thank you