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Q7 rear wiper fuse location

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1 hour ago, Andymid23 said:

Hi does anyone know where the fuse is located for an Audi Q7 2009 rear wiper as it’s just stopped working and want to try the fuse first.i think it’s in the central fuse box but not sure can someone tell me where it’s located thanks



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The hose for the rear wash wipe connects to the rear wiper motor the squirts through it but the seal goes and ends up corroding the motor making it stop working. Tell tale sign is the water doesn’t squirt out or is very weak at firing onto the rear screen. Then the motor fails. Stupid idea in the first place really!

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Thank you Dave, the rear jet is strong, the vehicle was parked up for sometime before I made the purchase and had a low battery, I was hoping it was a simple case of the wipers being left on and when it was started it may have blown the fuse. The location of the fuse carrier is not that clear even in the Audi WS Manual I have, for LHD its in the centre console but RHD is in the footwell, so presuming it is under the carpet below the pedals. I have now booked the vehicle in to my local Audi dealer for a service and have asked them to investigate



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