1st time Audi owner from Musselburgh

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Hey fellow members

After owning a number of sports and performance cars (including quite a few VAGs), I was on the look out for a mile muncher due to a change in circumstance and decided that it was about time I bought myself something a bit more family orientated but with a bit of class.

My father in law got in contact with me and asked if i would be interested in a car that he had taking as a trade in at his work.

So here i am now the owner of a 2011 A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI 143 😎

Hopefully I'll find this forum to be as useful as some of the other forums I have frequented over the years, as I do have a few plans for her.

Cheers in advance

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Everything is going good...... The car does lack a bit of grunt but I'm sure once mapped it will be a bit pokier.

Covered just over 3k in the 2 months I have owned her. I have had to have a wheel repaired though as one just randomly started losing pressure. The car is running 19" double fives off an S5.

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Glad to hear you're enjoying it and only had a glitch or two.

Mapping definitely sounds like the way forward to release a few more ponies.

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