A4 tdi 136bhp Bad MPG

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Hey guys

I'm suddenly struggling to get much over 30mpg around the doors from my a4 136bhp. I'm getting 100-104 miles to £20 of diesel, the car has recently been terracleaned, oil and filter change, timing belt and water pump, new egr valve. Does anyone have any suggestion on what could be wrong? The book states urban mpg should be 52mpg however we all know that's bull. But as low as 30mpg? I was getting more mpg from my 1.6 petrol Nissan qashqai

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I'm getting about 45 mpg for my commute to work. That's 35 miles of mixed driving, village, country lane, dual, motorway and back onto fast single Lane A roads. Still disappointing, the book promises 65 average. I've managed 50 by driving like a granny, very gentle acceleration and keeping below 60mph. 1 commute 1 way was enough of that bull. No point having 136bhp and not enjoying it when you can 😀

My 2000 plate Peugeot 406 was replaced by this A4, I was getting 50 to 55 on the same commute with that. Not overly impressed tbh.

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