Audi Q8 Headlight warning

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Hi all, I purchased an Audi Q8 last month after trading in my 2017 S4. Really lovely SUV but has started to present constant warnings about the left and right headlights being defective and to revert to the manual. It only happens on auto mode where the matrix headlights search and drop with oncoming traffic (sorry im sure there is a techie way of presenting that mode). Took it back to dealer, they couldn't fix the problem but reported it to Audi central. Spoke to Audi central and they told me it was a known fault but no fix, as yet. Now stuck with a car that drives me bonkers at night with a warning every 10 seconds. Finance Company may take 8 weeks to investigate, audi dealer not interested in losing money and Audi central putting me in front of a customer service rep who has no power to resolve. Not what I am used to with Audi at all having had 9 cars from them from new. Problem now is I am stuck in a tri-party debate when Audi know this is a problem they cannot fix. I can't drive the car at night and so I am looking for support in my approach to Audi central. Is this a known fault by others? Many thanks, Mike

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Hello Mike,

I’m very sorry to hear of your problem. 

I’m certainly not qualified to advise you how to proceed from here, but if I were in your situation I would quickly set the ball rolling by seeking the necessary legal advice to formally reject this vehicle as not being fit for purpose, and with no organised resolution for the fault. 

I would anticipate the legal advice would be directed to formally notifying the supplying dealer, Audi UK, and the finance company of that fact, and directing them to make a full refund without delay - on return of the car. Personally, however inconvenient, I would not use it, since it’s continued use might dilute the claim that it is unfit for purpose, so time is of the essence, and I would not be prepared to accept any piggy in the middle responsibility, or delaying tactics. 

Good luck in getting this sorted quickly,

Kind regards,



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Gareth many thanks for this. I had very similar thoughts but it’s nice to see you agreeing with those thoughts.

I was curious to see if any other owners had similar problems just to add weight to my argument / approach but nothing back on that front.

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer Gareth so thank you again.


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