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Fuel injectors

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Okay, we have an Audi Q5, 2012 model. Fir a couple of years we have had a so called problem with wheel balancing, according to Audi garage! We have had a real wobble when accelerating, anyway, earlier this year, on driving to England as we live in France, our car lost power, which meant we could not drive with cruise control. After several diagnostic tests, it turned out that two of our fuel injectors needed replacing, as we had lost faith in Audi in Kent, we took it to a specialist garage near Canterbury. Car fixed, drove like a dream back to France, even shaved on fuel consumption.

6 months later, we are driving back to England, car had only been used once in this time. All good. So return back to France a month later, noticed a tapping noise, thought it was coming from car heater, it got louder so after leaving a toll we thought we would pull over to check wheels as thought something was caught in one of them, when we suddenly lost power again, management light flashed up, drove slowly to a lay by on the motorway, we were by this time 3 hours of driving from our home. When suddenly heard a bang and smoke billowing out of engine. It had blown the manifold cover off, it looks like the fuel injectors had blown out. 

Towed to Audi garage in Tours, it has been there for 1 week now and they have not even looked at our car.

Question! Has anyone else had this problem, only the place where they replaced the fuel injectors said it was a common problem with Audi, as they keep plenty in stock? 

Thanks for reading

Sarah and Steve 

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