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2019 A6 Avant Annoyances

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Good afternoon all, 

I purchased my Audi A6 Avant 40TDI in December and have covered around 4000 miles in the first 3 months. I thought i'd post on here how living with the A6 has been and a number of things that are a constant annoyance. I appreciate most of these points have been mentioned before, but id love to hear every one else's experience. This is my 3rd Audi, with my previous one being a 2016 Manual A6 Avant.

1) The constant lag of the gearbox and the time it takes to respond. I know this has been discussed at length on the various forums, and the only way around this seems to be to put the car into 'dynamic' mode, but this ends up holding gears for too long expecting sudden acceleration changes like on a track! 

2) The stop start system. On the old manual model this works fine, however, the new model with the 'engine turns off when coasting feature' ends up turning the car off when approaching a junction, so when trying to pull out, the engine needs to kick in, then the bad, slow gearbox takes an age to respond. This has caused many close calls on roundabouts when trying to pull out quickly! 

3) I also HATE the lane departure feature- as do many others it seems! As had been written elsewhere, trying to overtake cyclists, avoid puddles potholes results in the car swerving back into the centre of the road and hitting whatever it was you were trying to avoid. This also fails in contraflows and gets confused with hatch markings on roads. I religiously turn this off when I get in the car but I also wish there was a way to turn this off permanently!!! 

4) The rear camera wash button on the screen when reversing doesn't actually clean the rear camera! This is linked to the rear windscreen wash system, but one press on the button doesn't release enough liquid to actually cover the camera. Its not as simple as to 'hold' the button or press twice, as it cycles the rear wiper too which takes 2-3 seconds before the button can be pushed again. The only way to effectively clean this is to operate the rear wiper.

5) The windscreen demist and blower system on maximum capacity takes an age to actually do anything. On the previous model, it had 12 settings, however, on the new model, this only had 6 settings with the maximum setting being nowhere near powerful enough. 

6) The windscreen wiper automatic sense just isn't as good as the last model. In the old A6, this would always be on the 'automatic' setting, but now, it just doesn't 'wipe' enough to clear the rain from the screen. The 'frequency' adjust button on the stalk also doesn't actually seem to do anything. 

7) I also have that annoying 'rattle' behind the dashboard which most people seem to have experienced! Mine seems to appear whenever I accelerate reasonably quickly and sounds like its behind the glove box. Did anyone ever get an answer to this? 

8) I have various annoyances and pet hates with the satnav/ user interface. Things like the ability to 'write' the destination in always replacing a 'G' with a '6' or a 'g' with a french 'ç'. There are also other things like the voice recognition not understanding and the voice responding sounding like an alien. Ford, Vauxhall, Merc, BMW can make the response voice work but Audi seem to struggle! 

 I could go on with other little things, but I think this is enough for now! I'd love to hear peoples experiences! 

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I can help you with 1 & 7

1. Very familiar with this annoying problem. Just had Software update today (19 May 2020) that seems to have fixed - or at least very much improved -the step off delay. Only driven home from the dealer but it feels much better. There was also an MMI update. Fingers crossed this is it. (NB Mine is the 50TDI Quattro.)


7. The rattle on my car comes from where the plastic under the instrument binnacle meets the binnacle. Pushing on this plastic will stop it. I notice it after a big change in internal temp such as when setting A/C to Max.

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