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  1. Fantastic and incredibly helpful detail Jenna. Very pleased that together we are managing to get some insight into this issue that must affect so many cars. However I am amazed that the update does not seem to be Immediately obvious and visible to dealers and appears to require a level of tenacity and persistence to obtain it. This can’t be the best way to do things. As I mentioned above it seems such a shame that all available Updates and TPIs are not clearly visible to Customers as this would enable us to proactively go and benefit from available improvements without having to ‘hope’ that all available updates will be applied at the next visit. Audi should consider ‘pushing’ this information to the Audi App or better still updating over the air.
  2. Hi Jenna have just spoken with Russell and he has the details of my car and its Software Status. ATB Alex
  3. I will be very pleased to call them. Alex
  4. Hi I am no expert but I am not convinced you are getting the correct update only the ‘recall’ one. As far as I know the MMI is a ‘recall’ update but the gearbox update is not. I got the impression that the Software update affecting ‘drive-off’ behaviour had to be specifically located by the Lead Technician. This followed a letter to the dealer setting out my concerns. The update that matters is specifically for the ‘step off’ delay and certainly works. Having now driven several hundred miles (including Sussex to Aberdeen and back) the way the car pulls away is much much better and in my view is acceptable. The roundabout case is no longer an issue. However I think ‘kick down’ response from say 50mph could possibly be better. In the latter case the car takes off instantly if a lower gear is pre-selected in Manual. This leads me to conclude that the engine itself is nicely responsive. Perhaps a future update could help with this. It would be very helpful if Audi promulgated all available updates for each car so owners are appraised as to what is available.
  5. Odd that the update did not ‘take’ first time. Wonder if it was properly applied or has somehow reverted. Also it is important that the correct update is applied. My car feels substantially better. You could try asking to find out exactly what symptoms the update applied is designed to fix.
  6. I think this should certainly be part of the PDI.
  7. Hi Hutchys - it was Caffnys Audi Eastbourne.
  8. Hi Wooks - I also asked them to top up the AdBlue. It wasn’t indicating as needed but got it done anyway.
  9. Hi. The Service Dept said I could wait but that it would be at least 2 hours and possibly longer so I left the car with them. Dropped off at 1030 and collected it about 1700. My wife brought me back and dropped me off. As you say courtesy cars were mot available. it is always difficult to know if something is a perfect fix but the car does not hesitate when pulling away anymore and feels much nicer to drive. Seems like the full fix to me. I think you will enjoy the dramatic change. As the car is eager, immediate and has smooth power delivery. Looking forward to hearing your own experience.
  10. Feels like a different car now. Really good to drive and such a huge improvement. Can’t understand why it wasn’t correct to start with.
  11. Hi. I have just had my MY2020 A6 Avant 50TDI Quattro’s software updated on 19 May 2020. The difference is immediately obvious and it feels like a different car now. The step off delay seems to have been fixed. Really enjoy driving it now. The previous lag was such a let down.
  12. Hi Not sure about the Dash Cam as I don’t have one. I think it does improve the rear camera in some way. Took my newly updated car out on a longish trip. It was a pleasure to drive. Quantum improvement. Enjoy!
  13. Hi Is it possible to: > Input a Latitude & Longitude as a Destination? > Show current Lat/Long? > Put ‘present position’ in as Home Address? thank you Alex
  14. Hi I can help you with 1 & 7 1. Very familiar with this annoying problem. Just had Software update today (19 May 2020) that seems to have fixed - or at least very much improved -the step off delay. Only driven home from the dealer but it feels much better. There was also an MMI update. Fingers crossed this is it. (NB Mine is the 50TDI Quattro.) 7. The rattle on my car comes from where the plastic under the instrument binnacle meets the binnacle. Pushing on this plastic will stop it. I notice it after a big change in internal temp such as when setting A/C to Max.
  15. Hi. Just had the Software on my Audi TDI50 Black Edition update today (19 May 2020). There were two updates - one for the MMI and one affecting the gearbox. I have only driven the car for 30 mins or so but it seems to have - at last - fixed (or at least very much improved) the ‘step off’ delay (fingers crossed). I’ll see how it goes over time but initial impression is good and makes the car feel much nicer to drive. My Dealer is now open for Service but not sales. Social distancing in force but worked well. Contact your dealer. Hopefully this is the fix we have been waiting for. I recommend you go for this update - you’ll be glad you did. Alex