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Audi TTS non runner value?

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Hi guys, 

An opportunity came up to buy a TTS on a local auction, I might be able to see the car but looking unlikely now.

Car is advertised without keys, few pictures of outside and few inside and theres basically no damage outside or inside apart from flat tyres.

Obviously, if I purchase this, I'll need a new key and some work done - but worse case scenario - if the engine is gone or something like the gearbox is gone - whats the value of a car like this? Its a 2010 - around 90K miles, looks to be in perfect condition outside

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Hello Jim,


History of insurance loss, stolen etc? 

Why not enter the registration number into the WBAC website, get their valuation and start moving down value-wise from this point for a non runner. 

Take it you have done the on- line MOT history check. 

Tyres flat? Could/likely to dictate the need for a new set of tyres for safety. 

Objective of buying? To keep it, or work on it for a profitable return? 

Kind regards,


p.s. Don’t forget the auction house will require the payment of an indemnity fee on top of the bid price. Do you know what this will be? I guess you will have also factored in transport costs at around £1/mile, return journey. 


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Sorry, I can see you say it’s 2010. 

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