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Couple of vids that do no justice, damn iphone's mic's. Either way it gives maybe 5% of the sound😀


Short vid



Little longer vid



It pretty much turned everyones head around , probably thinking what a tw@😀  But i dont care ............



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Cheers steve.

New boots day!

Fronts that were on, are both decent and 6mm. Both goodyear ,but one an F1, other  an excellence. So different tread patter, both rears are F1 and near 3mm in tread. So easiest way is 4 new.

 Decided on continental premium contact 6, reviews seem to show the tread lasts better than the sport. Oh well, guess i will find out in time😀




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Another little job crossed off my OCD list. Parking sensor switch.......worn pretty bad, all others are fine. So obviously draws my attention. No more, popped stereo out with tools, pry'd the top part of dash up a tad with plastic dash pry. Then could get in the head unit and push sensor out. Now the switch is not identical, very slight difference on top, so rather than file off, just ended up swapping the switch cover(pops off easy enough)

Tools used



Old switch



New in place



Just await my top left engine cover(near air filter). Then should be done for a while i hope.


Oh had intermittent temp gauge, get to 90 then drop like a stone. Stay there for miles, than fly up to 90! Knew sensor as too quick for a stat or coolant issue(level always spot on). So b8stard of a job, air intake off, pipes, long screw drivers and patience. Temp gauge spot on, not bad for £10 febi one.


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Little update, last corner cover delivered.



So engine area nice and tidy



Also decided on a visual deterrent, love or hate them. Its obviously alarmed and immobilised, but nothing too obvious .

Size small is the one, with the b6 being quite a small wheel. 



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