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A7 pre facelift to facelift tail lights

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just may be useful info for the next guy

These cars are affordable now for the likes of me but retrofits and parts costs can outweigh the bother of some tasty upgrades.

Ok its been done before,  OE  only for me , not a fan of china plug and play lights as their plastic quality isn't great and can cloud or yellow over time.

But i did it my way at half the cost of a full kit 

Probably quarter the cost of a retrofit company with associated labour and travel / accomodation i would require plus cost of a newer module on top.

I got told from various suppliers of the kits and retrofit companies that harness adapter looms required a new ccm module fitted (pre software version 510 or similar) and coded and keys coded etc etc, car left for 1 or 2 days at thier premises or other mad excuses yet if i wanted to buy the full kit with brand new OE lights they were available to buy from them online?? sounded a bit of a hoodwink to me.

i nearly gave up 

Bit of research and found a German company that made me the harnesses with modules and supplied different oe plugs to fit to car with full instructions.

So these were a really decent price compared to what was meant to be available once upon a time from some companies in the uk but no stock due to "the covid" or some other reason .

so great condition ebay OE led dynamic tail lights full set from the same donor car won on a best offer and fitted with said harness modules 

my ccm is software 0330 so really early and this was not an issue.

everything working fine dynamic  - indicators / hazard lights / lock and unlock confirmation

just waiting on my chinese  ( yes im a hypocrite lol ) sweeping mirror indicators to come to compliment the rear lights just in time for the dark mornings and evenings, leaves the static headlight indicators as standard but may look into a headlight rebuild type thing as a facelift ( i wish) is way too expensive compared to value of car.


ill try add some pics





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