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Kinda newbie

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i must have registered here years ago with the old q7  but here ive not posted in years so newbie i guess


Robbie from Glasgow

had the A7 a year and had a little play about with some things. But dont get to use it much as i use works van and wife has a car so basically a bit of a weekend car to be honest which keeps the mileage down i suppose.

2011 A7 sline 3.0 tdi 245 with 7 speed stronic 

full service and stronic oil done swiftly after purchase

mmi and maps updated to latest available swiftly after purchase. Then got a ami chromecast set up to mirror my phone on screen but never use it to be honest.

angel tuning stage1 remap theoretically 300 bhp 600nm but never had it dynoed.

muffler delete and 4" tips.

throttle valve butterfly remove / egr system clean and egr coded for less operation

little black edition touches to trim badging and dechrome 

ebc red stuff ceramic compound pads with slotted discs all round

obdeleven functions turned on where possible.

rear light "arselift" to led dynamic  and mirror dynamic indicators on their way .


Things to do ..

wheels and tyres combo sorted / refurbed or replaced with something different 20" maybey with a slam

lower car on h&r springs or even coilovers depends on wheel solution / spacers first

ive thought of roof black / mirrors black headlights slight smoke in different combo setups  but dont want to cross the "overdunnit" line if indeed i have not done already.

dsg tune as its a bit lazy or confused ( i just like the 8 speed zf ) probably not a fair comparison.

fan spray washer jets.

maybey a bit of a bass upgrade or modification for the bose but its actually not that bad when rear seats folded forward and boot carpet removed ( dont ask) so think its really the position of it strangled in the wheel tub,


anyway some recent pictures









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