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Google Earth wont work after Jan 1st or licence expiry

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Just renewed most of my Audi Connect licences - thanks Audi Connect team!. Except that the one for Google Earth cannot be renewed because the relationship Audi and Google is being terminated from 1st Jan 2021.

This means that the sat nav will not show Google Earth images/ functionality from Jan 1st. Audi UK confirmed that for cars older than  the 2018 model year, there is no fix for this issue. If you have a 2018 or newer vehicle, there is something called satellite card that will replace google earth.

This is really annoying for me and I'm sure 1000's of Audi owners who have vehicles 2017 and older running google earth on their sat nav systems.

Audi UK customer services will  not take the matter further and are not interested in escalating the issue to find a solution. Anyone else had a similar experience?

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My car, 1st registered 31/12/2018, an S7 will no longer support google earth sat, seriously, car from 2019 on are supported, Bullshit. For the sake of 1 day, my 4th Audi, possibly my last now 😞

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I received this email from Audi in Tyneside a few weeks ago...So maybe their is hope after all. 


Good Afternoon,


We are contacting you today with regards to your recent query around the Google Earth Maps which may no longer be available in your vehicle, due to its dependency from the service provider Google.


The Manufacturer Audi have advised that a software update is being prepared but we have no further information at this time. We have been advised that there will be a further update week commencing 4th of January and will be in touch with you when we have more information.


Apologies that we do not have more news for you, however, in the meantime your SAT NAV is still fully functionable without the Google Maps Overlay.


May we take this opportunity wish you a Merry Christmas and we will be in touch when we have more news from the Manufacturer.



Best Regards

Lookers Audi 






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Hi Guys, 


1st time posting on here as only recently purchased at 17 plate Audi A5 TDI. I too had Google Earth go down and contacted the dealer, they were super helpful but said the same that my cars too old to update 😞 Didn't know this when I bought it so super bummed out about it:


"Hi Josh,

I have had a look and unfortunately there is no software update available for your car, the software update was for Audi A5’s built after week 45/ 2016, your car was built in week 42/ 2016,

so it was built 3 weeks too early for the update. I’m sorry it is not the news you were hoping for.

Kind regards"


Anyone know if there's any options to upgrade the hardware from a newer Audi or any other options like apple carplay worth it? Standard maps look so plain these days in comparison to what we had before on the virtual cockpit. Any advice or ideas greatly welcomed. 


Many thanks in advance,





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