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Loud clicking noise from rear wheel on reversing

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I have a 2013 V8 R8 only bought it a few days ago when I reverse out my drive on half lock there is a very loud clicking noise can be heard outside and inside then when I pull off I hear it again till I straighten up if I go slow then it’s slow if I speed up it speeds up. Any ideas my daughter took a video I’ll see if I can post it up

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Hello Steve,

Many thanks for being in touch. 

As much as folks on here would like to help, I’m sure you will appreciate that trying to diagnose such an issue without inspecting the car and hearing the noise, can be an almost impossible task. 

Could I ask, that if you have an assistant standing outside the car, is there a possibility that the noise may be tracked down to a particular wheel/axle? 

Possible guesses - corroding brake back plate/plates rubbing on disc, bit of road grit jammed between disc and back plate - but guesses they are. 

If this were mine, I would be contacting the seller to report the issue, and seeking permission to get the car inspected at a trusted local garage, if the seller isn’t local. 

Perhaps you could let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,



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