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Hi All,


Just purchased a 2017 Avant (Ultra sport model if that makes any difference)

Looking to fit a removeable tow bar for a bike carrier and wondered if anyone had any experience with this?

I've looked at these on ECP as the deal looks pretty good and I don't need anything too fancy but there is a hell of a lot of plastic under the rear end of the car...


Thanks for any input in advance


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I am in the middle of buying my new A4 and have a caravan so have done a bit of research on tow bars, I've found PF Jones are the best value and they do various styles, the westfalia one is identical to audi genuine ones at a fraction of the price.


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My understanding is that Audi actually subcontract Westfalia to make towers - so if you're getting westfalia, that's what audi would be fitting for you. Depending how OEM you want to go, you'd be looking at electric folding with CANBUS integration for fully OEM

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