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transmission malfunction and lots of fault warnings a6 c7

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hi all i need help !!

my 2103 a6 allroad has "warning transmission malfunction". car  will start for a second then stops .then lots of fault warnings.it was raining heavily last time i drove it.so i thought water has got in somewhere, have checked but all connections are dry, as is under scuttle panel.any ideas ??


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Hi I would consider the rain bit is probably coincidental, either way the only way to find out definitively is to get the car plugged in and get the fault codes read, my money as a pure guess would be on the gearbox needing a service, this is subject to a distant conversation I had with a mechanic I use who is very knowledgable and he suggested the DSG boxes are not suitable for a cab as due to the required service frequency times my annual milage would equate to more expense which is why I bought a manual the gearbox oil gets changed once a year and no filters etc are required.

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