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Hi Chaps, today was good as I decided to pack up work early and it wasn't raining, after checking that the orange ball in the sky [the sun] would not hurt me I have taken advantage of the extra light and hunted down my air quality sensor, it was surprisingly easy to find considering the lack of location information that exists on the internet plus the fact I am fed up with clearing the code for it which is intermittent but it stops a load of sub sections in the aircon from working when it throws a wobbly.

The offending sensor is under the plastic scuttle cover just underneath the windscreen wipers, this is removed by simply pulling off the rubber strip that seals it off from the engine bay, lift the plastic scuttle cover whilst pulling it towards the front of the car, once removed all becomes apparent the sensor sits in a little plastic loop in the casting for the air intake, you have to twist it until one of the plastic lugs lines up with the relief in the loop, pull  it at a slight angle and it pops out, the hardest part of the whole procedure is taking the wiring plug off, this is a proper little bargain hunter as the only way to get it off is stick a small electrical flat blade screwdriver under a small square tang at the back of the connector where the wires enter the connector, then a bit of persistence wiggling it off it pops.

Being as my fault is intermittent I suspect that dirt/grease might be the cause so before replacing the sensor I have opted to give it a soak and light brushing in a tub of isopropyl alcohol and see if that cures it, ten pence worth of alcohol verses sixty quid for a new sensor its worth a try?.

20210218_160153.jpg.zip 20210218_160210.jpg.zip

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Hi Gents, pleased to report that I checked for the sensor code tonight, nothing it was a clear sweep so it looks like the cleaning of the sensor was worthwhile being as the code frequency was every two days.

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