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1997 D2 S8 Engine and Gearbox for sale

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Hi, I have the engine and gearbox (still currently together) from a 107k mile 1997 pre facelift D2 S8 for sale. The car had an amazing service history, never going more than 6,000 miles between oil changes and had two trans fluid changes during it's life as well (all docs to prove). The car run absolutely lovely, including gear changes but had a weird vibration issue (road speed related) that I couldn't get to the bottom of so I ended up breaking it. I kept the engine and box with the dream of using it in some weird and wonderful projects that I never got round to! It's been out of the car for a couple of years, stored inside and turned over a few times once a month. It is still 'whole' with all ancillaries still present including power steering & water pump, alternator, manifolds, fuel rail, coilpacks, throttle body, ecus, engine wiring, etc.

I'm happy to sell the engine and box separately.

I was wondering if anyone was interested and / or what the engine and gearbox were worth?

Details I have for the engine and gearbox:
Engine No: AHC005025
ECU code from code reader: VAG No: 4D0907557N, Component: 4.2L V8/4V MOTR AT D01, Coding: 04273, WSC: 00000

Code from Audi order: EG2 A5
Trans ECU code from code reader: VAG No: 4D0927156BG, Component: AG5 01L 4.214V S8Rd W D02, Coding: 00101, WSC: 00000


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