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Lands End to John O Groats road trip

Steve Q

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Here's a copy of our blog for the trip ☺️

So me & Ronan Quinn  started our trip yesterday (19/09/21) and visited Diddly Squat farm,, Torquay, Plymouth on the way down to.our over night stop in Penzance. 3 intermittent faults on the way down with the old a6. Knocking from the engine, and airbag warning light both intermittent and a leaking washer bottle. Who said doing it in a car was easy! Miles covered: 367.7. 

Then started today (20/09/21) from Lands End 10am, going onto Lizard point, St Michael's Mount, Turo, Newquay then initially taking the coast road to Southampton but bailed on this as it would have got us into Southampton far too late. Luckily no new major faults on the car as yet, even the boot catch and central locking was being intermittent! The latter was only repaired a month ago! 🤦‍♂️ We finally arrived at 8:50pm. Miles covered 336.6. 

I appreciate we're going round the houses but we visited places we wanted to see as we've never been this far south before. 

I also appreciate I'm not portraying the car in a good light but at 19 years old with 337k miles on it with no engine rebuilds or gearbox rebuilds I think it's doing well. Bearing in mind it's had no expense spared!

So carrying on with our trip: 
We made our way from Southampton to Portsmouth where we did the naval.dockyard tour. Definitely worth the money to see HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, the harbour tour and see the Mary Rose exhibit. But we have struggled to get stamps in Southampton or Portsmouth to go towards the certificate.  Has anyone else struggled to get stamps? 

Then after spending a few hours there made our way back to Leicester which is our stomping ground. If anyone is staying in Leicester whilst doing LEJOG and having any R&R then I'd recommend visiting the National Space Centre or Great Central Railway as they are two of the best attractions. Total miles covered: 217.9

So today we headed from Leicester up north and visited York. As history steeped in history abd we took in the sites of the shambles, city walls, York minster & a visit to the Jorvik museum. All of which are worth seeing if you're heading up this way on your LEJOG trip. Nothing report to report other than someone decided to scuff the car bumper in the carpark! 

We then made our way North stopping off at the angle of the north, before carrying on to our rest stop for the evening in Newcastle which include d driving over the Tyne bridge. We intend to explore Newcastle tommorow as it bares some historical significance to our family. Total miles covered: 191.

24/09/21 - Lands end to John o groats continued...

So today we started of exploring The Royal Research Ship Discovery in Dundee which is worth a visit especially if you have an interest in world exploration. Then we headed along the a9 towards Inverness. 

We then made a stop in Inverness for a late lunch at the Filling station for some great burgers. Then headed towards our overnight stop in Wick. Compared to last year whilst on the nc500, this year I've at least been able to explore Wick. It does have an interesting fishing history. 

Tomorrow we'll finish our LEJOG journey and head to John O Groats.


So we did it! My brother and I got to John O Groats thus completing the trip! Lands end to John o groats officially ticked off the bucket list! 2,224.1 miles covered from home to home!










































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Well done chaps!  Superb trip and amazing route through some wonderful parts of our country.
Great to see the Audi munching the miles for such an old girl and just goes to show how well they were built back then 🙂


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1 hour ago, Trevor said:

Well done chaps!  Superb trip and amazing route through some wonderful parts of our country.
Great to see the Audi munching the miles for such an old girl and just goes to show how well they were built back then 🙂


Thanks Trevor 🙂 was a fantastic trip and one I would thoroughly recommend ☺️ the Audi has done well. She did have an oil change/flush and gearbox oil change prior to going on the trip. 

Already planning the next one which will either be germany if the covid stuff has cleared. Or a road trip along the Welsh coast. 

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On 10/6/2021 at 4:29 PM, Shytot said:

Glad you had a good trip and your A6 survived. 

Here's to the next 100K + miles! 👍 

Thank you 😊 definitely, already planning the next trip! 

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