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  1. You should at least have the basic maps especially if they are showing on the other screen. Google Earth along with weather, news, petrol prices, etc is part of the audi connect package @ £14.50 per month. It might be worth checking which type of map / view you have set up for VC - Idoubt that it is stuck in satellite as opposed to standard and traffic but worth a look. Otherwise you might have a problem - do the other screens display OK on the VC?
  2. Hi Joe I'm using a galaxy s10e I'm believe that the AA Wireless unit operates over WiFi. When connected the AA Wireless appears through the smartphone connection area on the menu. Also I'm pretty certain that Android Auto is specifically designed to take control of your phone in the car and probably bypassing your mmi unit. You can buy the unit from here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/aawireless It's crowd funding so delivery may be months not days. You can also read all the comments and support items to see if it's for you.
  3. I have an AA Wireless which I use on my Q5 It works very well although sometimes the connection of my watch, the audi mmi and the AA Wireless leads to minor problems. So you can still have your phone through mmi. The big improvement is that recently with Waze I can now have a route on AA and my virtual cockpit still works and can have an alternative route. Initially the virtual cockpit map was disabled. I'd say that there are 2 main issues 1. The audi wireless charger is abysmal 2. Android Auto functionality is OK but Google keep messing it up. However, AA Wireless is an excellent product 👍
  4. When your parking sensors are active, they will reduce radio volume. I'm sure you can adjust that in the settings menu. You might want to check the settings for your startup issue too.
  5. I'm bit late I think on this but agree with the general sentiment. A couple of observations: Batteries lose their efficiency - the 2nd and 3rd hand market is dead for EVs If it costs you £10 and 90 minutes to get recharged then even at £20 an hour for your time that's £30 more plus £10 for anything from a service station. EVs and especially E-Trons are popular middle management company cars - no taxes through PAYE, road tax, fuel tax - no government revenue - that is unsustainable. Everybody charging vehicles from energy supplied solely by the sun and the wind - unsustainable (in the real world) Much like climate scientology I can make those statements and I don't have to prove them - it's all opinion / belief. Then we have the safety aspect Lion batteries are a fire hazard - so don't park your EV in your garage. Hydrogen is even worse. My money is on cars powered by unicorn sh! t and fairy dust - at least that way we all live happily ever after!
  6. You still have to have an audi connect licence. Mine expired last month and my sim shows as being connected but all audi connect functions including Google maps are not enabled.
  7. Shytot


    This link might help https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=chip+shortage+causing+car+shortage
  8. If you have an AMI connector you can get a USB adaptor and play Mp3s or you can get a Bluetooth adaptor and stream. Otherwise Yatour do a lot of units that will plug into the CD socket of your radio / head unit.
  9. I'd be very surprised if a screen change alone made a difference. You would need to get the mmi unit - probably in the glove box. It can be removed like an older car radio but the next problem may be that you need to get the mmi unit paired to your car (or you might need the smartphone interface) normally through audi or some 3rd party companies like Hazzydayz - it might be cheaper to go to them and get CarPlay sorted.
  10. Do you have memory seats and keyless functionality? Often the seat position is stored in the key - it is associated with the key that you get into the car with.. So you need to use a key each for your particular preference.
  11. I'm not sure about 1.4 TFSi but have a look on this thread and the links to get some background on possible issues. Overall, the older petrol engines were designed to consume a significant amount of oil.
  12. I think that I've previously posted a similar link in specific posts. This website has a really good summary of all the variants. Anyone having issues with their MMI can identify the basic details here. https://mca.electricmura.ro/en/blog-audi-mmi-mib-models/
  13. Have a look here - http://www.vaglinks.com/Docs/Audi/B5/Bentley_Audi_A4_B5_WiringDiagram.pdf I found with a Google of 2003 a4 cabriolet b6 3.0L v6 wiring 👍
  14. I'm pretty certain that you have to disable / isolate the battery before you can fill up - it's a safety feature - so there is probably a button in the car?
  15. Sounds like the app is the issue for the timer - I've had issues with the app v the website login regarding my location (the website had me in Canada!) so your time zone could be wrong (tenuous I know). Also googling your error code got this https://www.audiworld.com/forums/audi-e-tron-232/dreaded-vehicle-cannot-reached-error-3005616/page2/ Might be worth a try as long as you have your 10 digit code.
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