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  1. If the fuse box is at either end of your dashboard or under the glove box, a likely cause of the water is leaves in the bulkhead stopping it from draining. If you open the bonnet you should be able to remove the plastic covers and clean the drainage area out. You should also have grommets underneath which you can remove and poke from the bottom. The other common issue is if you have a a sunroof and the drain is blocked. Fingers crossed it's just a blown fuse 👍
  2. I hadn't thought about it but my last 3 Refills have been at Shell and Tesco Express / Esso, as opposed to Morrisons - maybe the supermarkets are more susceptible at present?
  3. That's a significant difference. I'm getting between 7 and 8 miles per litre. I can't see the premium petrol giving me enough additional range to justify the 29p per litre price difference. Looks like you just need to monitor and go with what suits you 👍
  4. I've not noticed anything obvious yet on my Q5. My journies have been fairly consistent and I've filled up twice with E10. I typically get a range of 500 miles when full and on this one it's sitting at 40% / 199 miles I've not noticed any performance issues so far. How does it affect your performance?
  5. Thanks for clarifying Steve. Now I'm worried how trees and plants are going to survive without CO2. I think might have to start hugging a few! 😁 😁
  6. I don't think TT engines were as susceptible to the major problem of dodgy piston seals. Have read here and maybe do some googling on the TT engine type http://casestudies.atlanticmotorcar.com/audi-engine-oil-consumption-correction/ Engine codes CAEB, CDNC and CNDC were tv he main offenders. But as mentioned by you and on other threads here - the petrol engines are *designed* to consume oil. I think it is a trade off for cost of build v tolerance in the moving parts.
  7. I think it depends on whether you have the factory fit parking heater or not - if it's fitted then it's a no.
  8. They're appealing to the same people who do Tik Tok and watch cr@p like Love Island, I'm a celeb,.... To be fair most TV programmes are almost adverts these days!
  9. I suspect that it's this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airdual-Bluetooth-Interface-Volkswagen-300A/dp/B07G38THN9 There are a few other cheaper options https://audistream2air.com/collections/frontpage/products/bluetooth-a2dp-adapter-for-audi-skoda-and-vw-3gen?gclid=Cj0KCQjwsZKJBhC0ARIsAJ96n3V4lM_K0FVDvSkwF615G4mfW1qMVmA59eLZJRE09rokOL1PIpdJH80aAo1vEALw_wcB https://www.incarconnections.co.uk/audi-bluetooth-adapter-streaming-and-calls/audi-bluetooth-streaming-adapter-for-audi-a3-a5-a6-a7-a8-ami-ctaad1a2dp.html They all look pretty reasonable.
  10. Here's a link for the fuse locations https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/fuse-box.info/audi/audi-a5-s5-2010-2016-fuses 2010/11 is slightly different to 2012 - 16. Is your mmi still working - radio, phone,....? Can you see the details on your dash? You'll probably have to have to do some digging but checking the connections of your head unit would be a start. Probably in the glove box.
  11. Have a look here to find out which mmi unit you have https://mca.electricmura.ro/en/blog-audi-mmi-mib-models/ You can at least work out if it is SD or hdd based. After that, Google is your friend for updates and maps.
  12. As an alternative - these guys are pretty poular in the VW world and thye have mobile fitting or send you the kit https://www.pfjones.co.uk/ Worst case you can get a reference price from their website.
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