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  1. In simple terms you will pay more than you thought and get less than you expected! There is no normal so the simplest thing to do is to register with confused.com or moneysupermarket or one of the others - put in all your details and see what comes back. That will let you see the range if costs along with potential benefits such as hire cars, AA insurance, reduced excess, etc. Normally the websites offer you some sort of incentive to buy through them. If you are registered with them then your renewal process becomes very easy.
  2. There should be 2 elements. The bars and the clamps with a key to lock them in place on your roof bars.
  3. Generally as close to 87MHz or 108MHz are the 2 best options in the UK but for Melbourne Australia it looks like your radio stations atr I have the same range so they should work there too.
  4. OK - sorry I thought that a 2010 Q5 would have s/s 👍 I would still have to say that you will only get to 1st gear when driving off and when coming to a stop so maybe the gearbox isn't the problem. When it is getting down to idling revs maybe it's struggling because of timing or something similar - has it had a scan? Sorry I'm not being much help but the issue sounds strange to me - if you like the car then see what the dealer can do but be prepared to walk away 👍
  5. Is the issue maybe with the start/stop? The only time that you are likely to go from 2nd to 1st is when you are coming to a complete stop. There normally is a judder type feeling when the engine is cut off by the system. I'm guessing you've had a car with start/stop before? Is you disable auto start/stop do you still get the judder? Besides that 2 mechatrtonic replacements and a clutch sounds like the dealer either knows more than they are letting on of they just don't know.
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