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Retro Fit Sat Nav to 2003 A4 Convertible

Sir Pookie

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The standard sat nav from the era was RNS-E which can be retrofitted. But you wouldn't have Bluetooth. Alternatively you could look at having a new touch screen system installed with apple car play/Android auto etc and then you'd have both sat nav and Bluetooth. For installation of either you'd be looking at £300 for a professional install roughly. 

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Thanks Steve (I assume)

I am a reasonably competent person and would be fitting it myself.

I take it then that the head unit will also need the a/e for the GPS signal to be received. Do these require a code?

You say these are not bluetooth, ones are being advertised as bluetooth units. Am I to assume that they are bluetooth compatible but need the dongle to connect it to the phone?

Regards Mick


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Truthfully my knowledge of RNS-E is limited, I believe you'd need the head unit, antenna, modules etc my advice would be to get a complete system from a similar car being broken. I think to add Bluetooth to rnse you'd need to plug something into the back maybe. 

The aftermarket touch screen units all come with Bluetooth as standard now and are double din. 

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