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Audi A3 driver door required

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Hello, does anyone know of a salvage Moro blue LZ5J driver door for a 5 door A3, in the UK. I can find one for the 3 door but not the 5 door. Thanks. 

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Hello James,

Thanks for joining the forum and posting your ‘want’. Before suggesting ‘try here, try there’, could you let us know the extent of your own searches so far. 
Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth,

Thanks for your reply. So far I have searched via Google, eBay, Gumtree and put a request on Breakerlink.com and Breakeryard.com as well as I have also searched stock on any of the salvage yards with stock listed online. Wondered if maybe someone saw one in a breakers yard etc. You never know.... 

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