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Bluefin superchips


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Has anyone had experience with bluefin superchip for their q7 3ltr diesel 272bhp 4m?

Just wondering as I've had superchips on other cars but never used the bluefin (presume its same map just installed by me)  and superchips were taken over a few years ago. I have used remapkings who took on superchips during covid with good results with my old merc vito van.



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Ah well that was short lived.... got my deposit back! Looks like the mobile service superchips offered to install the remap wasn't busy enough to be cost effective? so I got an email today to say unfortunatly we no longer do mobile? Unless it's more area of uk specific as they travel quite some way to come to north east.... and if I still wanted the car doing I had take it to one of their garages in the North East.

Bit disapointing but maybe a sign its not meant to be 🤣🤣

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