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4.2 TDI (2010) - For sale as spares, repairs or breaking


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I've not used my silver A8 much since lock-down started and have let it go downhill. Its a runner but has a few issues and needs some TLC. 

1) Wobbles on the brakes. Had all four discs checked and skimmed but didn't fix it. (and then I stopped using the car)
2) Warning light on for the rear sports diff. Its never been a problem for me
3) One of the main radiator fans stays on full blast when it doesn't need it. I think its a bad setting in a computer
4) A few marks on the rear bumper and light where wifey backed it in to her car (!)

I assume the brakes would be an MOT failure so I haven't tried, and have the car on SORN. Haven't got time or patience to try fixing it up and so thought I'd offer it up here. 

The 4.2 V8 TDI engine is AMAZING and has never given me any issues. The gear box is also perfect, I did a ATF fluid change at 80k miles. 
The other big bonus is the interior with heated and cooled, ventilated massage seats in black leather. 
Topped off with radar cruise control, infra-red night vision, solar sunroof, double-glazed windows, rear blinds and 4-zone climate control. 

Surely someone here would think its worth a few quid to bring it back to its former glory. Whats it worth?



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Hello Jon,

Can you be specific and list what price you want for the car please? 
If you are all unsure, you could list it on eBay etc. and let it find its worth by auction. 
Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth, I tend to agree with that approach, to let it find its price on eBay, but if I was to advertise I think I'd start at £3,900.

If nothing else, I see that 4.2 TDI replacement engines are in the £4k - £5k range and given that my car has such a good engine and gearbox, plus a load of gadgets, I would expect that offering it at £3,900 would be reasonable. That way someone could invest a bit of time & money to bring it back to being a £10k car, or in the worst case could recoup the money in parts. 

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