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suspension creak


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Hi everyone. im new to this forum and have an issue with my suspension on my audi a5 2014 model black edition sportback

recently about a week ago iv had a creaking sound from my driver side suspension. the creak sound only happens when i turn the wheel left on a standstill. when sitting in the car windows shut, i can hear it creaking and when i open the window i can hear it behind the driver side wheel near the lower control arms. iv had the banana shaped control arm changed a few months back so its not that arm. iv had the car checked out by a mechanic and all seems ok. no play in the ball joints or bushes. car still handles tight. as mentioned the creaking sound only happens on a standstill when turning left (thats when i can see the right corner of the going down as I turn the wheel left), so could it be top mounts or the lower control arm (the straight one with a ball joint). or could it be the tie rod ball joint. iv sprayed everything with silicone spray but creak is still there. I took it to another mechanic and he said theres play in the steering rack shaft where it connects to the U joint (find this hard to believe as it handles nice and tight). any help or advice will be appreciated 






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Hello Mohammed, 

Bit late now, but I used ATF ( automatic transmission fluid) fir spraying over squeaky joints not silicone spray. Probably too late to overspray it now, since the silicone will prevent absorption of the ATF. 
Kind regards,


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Hi Gareth. Do you still think i can get away with spraying some ATF on the joints. i just did a trip from Birmingham to Northampton and handled brilliant, but as soon as i got to a standstill i can hear the creak when i move the steering left. its like an old door creaking if that makes sense. i feel the creak through the steering wheel itself too. could it be the steering shaft U joint that may need lubricating? 

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Hi Gareth

as im doing more driving, i feel its from the top mounts. I can reverse back on a full lock and i can hear it from the top end. 


im just going to let it get worse then change really appreciate your input tho. il keep u posted






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