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Audi B8 - Clutch Kit

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Hello guys,


I have an Audi A4 B8 and I would like to get my clutch kit replaced but there is a problem with my VIN I guess. As far as I ve seen, for Audi A4 B8 there are two tipes of VIN, WAUZZZZ8K2 and WAUZZZZ8K5 but my VIN is WAUZZZZ8K4 so I don't know which type of clutch to get. 


Maybe I am not the only one with this type of VIN and you could give me a tip without having to go to a mechanic to check how the old clutch looks like .



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40 minutes ago, Magnet said:

Hello Luli,

Have you tried talking with LUK technical department? 
Kind regards,



I haven't called any department. I tought maybe someone had the same problem as mine. I will try that. Thank you for you time!


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I've just had clutch and dual mass flywheel changed on 2015 A4 avant. £2482 ...apparently once the garage got into the clutch, the parts had to come from main Audi dealer,no matching  pattern kit available, both clutch plate and flywheel.  £405 clutch, £1164 for flywheel plus labour  and £417 vat...ouch. This is from a trusted garage so I believe them when they say they checked with clutch replacement specialists.  Putting car reg into parts suplliers sites, loads of pattern kits come up, but...   (I may have been had though, others will no doubt let me know)

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Just had my 2013 a6 c7 2.0 tdi done was mammoth job (driveshafts - steering rack remove etc) £750 for clutch and dmf and release bearing LUK 

£350 to fit that was very good price off a friend.


All in £1100 

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