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  1. Yeah, ours too. I think a6 is around £190.
  2. Newcastle got mine cheap off a friend. £100 for parts £50 to fit I could only buy part for £150.
  3. I paid £150 for mine 🫡🫡 Made a pulsating sound above 60 mph.
  4. Had mine done at my local garage he says it was a pig of a job.
  5. Get it back for warranty work let them sort it sooner the better buddy. Always leave email or messages so youve got dates and times you made them aware .
  6. Hi guys My bumper trim is still sticking out took it off yesterday and plastic part holding it to metal wing is snapped/missing any ideas how to get it back to were it needs to be tried cable ties no luck It's flush behind offending area and plastic. Regards mark
  7. This would be my 1st port of call ☝️☝️☝️☝️
  8. I assumed if you had x2 usb ports you had option available....
  9. Good shout Gareth Will investigate further...
  10. Had check around under seat moving all connections and wires no errors popped up on dash ....
  11. Hi me and my daughter went to car wash today her audi a1 1.6 tdi 2011 manual started leaking from roof anyone has this issue.? No sunroof .. She was getting condensation inside the windscreen winter months Regards mark VID-20230517-WA0004.mp4
  12. Maybe worth taking it apart and having a look inside ...
  13. That's my plan for tonight buddy 👍
  14. Hi all We have a a4 b8.5 saloon 2012 and everytime we start car it says cd player inactive please contact audi bla bla ... We don't even use it anyone else had this issue. Maybe my lovely 3 year old has stuck something in there 🤔 Regards mark
  15. I would strip all calipers front and rear clean and re-grease it all full caliper service make sure piston and pins move freely they take alot of punishment.
  16. 2 months its sitting in glove box and is rarely used unless long distances. It did freeze once just unplugged it from 12v cig socket and replaced was fine.
  17. Few different faults yesterday mention of brake switch with faults all over place could be pointing to battery.
  18. Few different faults yesterday car had been jacked up passenger side I was sitting in drivers seat alloy wheel had been straightened Brake switch this time 🤔
  19. Yeah possibly seen alot of posts were its been activated and bricked mmi system so just be careful and do you research. Mines 2013 so would need hardware. I did buy this for my van delivered £40 android auto apple car place etc . https://a.aliexpress.com/_mO5eQnE
  20. Yeah sometimes there just too far gone and replacement is only way. 20inch alloys are difficult to keep straight tbh.
  21. At £60 a wheel much more cost effective then new or used.
  22. What year is your car some dont come with it.
  23. VID-20230516-WA0005.mp4 Before ^ VID-20230516-WA0004.mp4 After ^ Just had mine done vibration is gone .
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