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New Q5

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Hello All,

I have a new Q5 and have a few questions.

The Q5 shows me on dash the speed limit but only visually.  Does not beep etc.  If using adaptive cruise control it will stick to speed limit but I would expect a beep from the car when you go over speed normally and perhaps a way to restrict car so it won't go above speed limit, is that viable?.  I know you can limit car to specific speed but dont see anything to limit to speed limits.

Also, is their any windowe software i can buy that uses odb2 cable to be able to program new keys and lots of other things like forscan can do on Ford's ?.

Lastly, has anyone got hacks out that does things you would expect but does not happen like showing all the tyre presures and showing adblue levels ?.  

Thank you


Thank you

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Welcome to the forum you'll find the members on here are a friendly and helpful bunch. Hope you're pleased with your new purchase.

Here's a link if how to turn off the Q5 speed alert. I'm sharing this as the process should be the same to turn it on: 


You can purchase OBD11, VCDS for example for coding. But you'll need the advanced version. 

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