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Coil and engine management lights


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Hi, need some advice/help 

Couple weeks back a coil light started to flash and car would then go in to limp mode I had it plugged in just before summer started the lights got deleted and I was told head gasket. But no symptoms of head gasket I have continued to drive the car 100s of miles since this as the light didn’t come back on. Two weeks ago started the car drove for around ten minutes and coil light came on and straight in to limp mode. 
the car has had egr/dpf delete and dpf gutted. Egr blanking plate also in.
now the light comes on every time we drive. 
I’ve had breakdown out I’ve been to two different garages. Injectors have been checked apparently there fine? 
one said turbo but again no symptoms of a turbo on its way out. 
Second person said map sensor we’ve changed that. And still doing the Same coil/management light and limp mode. 
most garages I take it to won’t touch it. 

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