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Lost communication with parking assist control module A

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Hi, had the car off the road for a few weeks whilst ive had the steering rack refurbished. Im now back on the road again but the parking assist option is greyed out in mmi.


Ive checked the sensors and none are clicking.


Scanned the car and got code 05271 - lost communication with paking assist control module A


Any help woukd be appreciated

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not sure if this is it, but under obd says


Activation of Audi Parking System
Select Control unit 10 (parking aid)
Control unit access authorization - Select function 16
Access Code 71679
Control unit coding -> Seçim function 07
Byte 0
Bit 2-3 (08 visual display active (BAP NEW) selection)
Select "Visual display for park assist"
New Value: OPS Display

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