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Audi Q8 roof rails


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Help pls! Bought Q8 first Edition and noticed ( after the deal!) no roof rails. Was told you cant get any fitted so no roof boxes! the first edition has a sunroof. does anyone know if this is right pls? 

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Hi Will.

Sorry to hear that. I am on my second Q8 now, the first was purchased in 2020 when there was a model called a ' First Edition ' I believe. If I remember correctly the model line up for the U.K then was S Line, followed by Firts Edition and then Vorsprung.

I'm pretty certain ,roof rails and a sunroof were both extras on the S line and First Edition and only standard on the Vorsprung which had practically everything on the options list.

I did have a look at a Firts Edition at a dealership in 2020 and it was a 50 tdi rather than a 55tfsi which is the model I had decided on. And I'm pretty sure it didn't have a sunroof.

The Firts Edition models were replaced after 2020 with a Black Edition which I have now, purchased new in June 2023

Both the roof rails and panoramic sunroof were extras on the Black Edition and not options I required so didn't order.

Audi are notorious on renaming models and adding small bits of kit. My Black Edition was model 23.5 which was soon followed by 24 model which did have heads up display, park plus.....and a panoramic sunroof ! 

Buto of course they raised the price ! Its a game all the manufacturers play to try and persuade you to buy the latest model.

I'm not surprises that roof rails cannot be fitted retrospectively as it would involve drilling that could affect the integrity of the structure.

Can you not go back to the dealer and explain and exchange for a Q8 with roof rails. Had a quick look at Autotrader and about half of the Q8's listed on there do have roof rails.

Anyhows...Good luck.

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Thanks for your help

it sounds mad but I completely forgot to check the car had the rails fitted! Ok well I feel like it’s a no for a roof box!

shame have a lovely brand new roof box 🥴

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Hi Will.

That's a shame but a saving grace....maybe...is that the Q8 has a pretty big boot :wink1:

Also, a top box would surely spoil the lines of the car ! 

I've been mightily pleased with both my Q8's so I wish you many happy, enjoyable and safe miles in your splendid new car.


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